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If you’re reading this page more than likely you’ve recently read a review or giveaway post I’ve done or you’re curious about my policies. Blogs are regulated by the FTC and it is important I remain within compliance of their guidelines. With that in my mind, here are my disclaimers about disclosure, privacy & copyright…

  1. I don’t make stuff up. Reviews of products and services are entirely my own based on my own experiences. In certain situations I may have been compensated with free products or a fee for writing the post, but regardless the review is my own opinion. This is important in order to maintain a level of honesty and professionalism on this blog.
  2. My time is worth something. Yes, much of the time when I review a product it is because I have been compensated for doing so. This is often in the form of free products for myself and/or my readers, but can also be a monetary compensation. I love blogging, but it is more than a hobby for me, I spend a great deal of time and effort here in order to help other working moms like me and I believe that time is worth something.
  3. I own this blog. I strive to create a positive community and atmosphere on this blog most of the time, but please be aware that I make any and all decisions about the content posted here. This applies to all reviews, giveaways, ads, editorials, and articles. This site is a private publication and all controls and copyrights remain with the blog owner.
  4. I won’t sell your information. Although this blog is both a hobby and a business, I don’t make a business out of selling you out. Any information I obtain, such as your email address, will remain with the blog owner. (The only time this isn’t true is during some giveaways. If the giveaway sponsor company requests entrants emails I do provide it to them. This allows them to contact you about upcoming deals and products they offer – but don’t worry, this is a good thing, you did sign up for their giveaway after all!)
  5. This site contains ads. On this blog you will see third party vendor or Google ads. These ads use cookies to provide ads that are based on your prior visits online. You will also find links to third party websites on this blog. We are not responsible for their policies so check with the individual site’s policies should you have questions. I am compensated when you click on ads or purchase items through affiliate links I provide, but don’t worry, they don’t cost you anything, I just receive a portion of the item’s price when you purchase as compensation for referring you to their site. (Thank you to those of you that have or will purchase through these links – the revenue I receive from these ads allows me to continue keeping this blog going & growing.)

If you have any further questions please send me an email through our contact page.

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