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The BEST Gift for New Moms

When we had our first child, I thought the BEST gift someone could give me was an amazing product from my baby wish list online. I figured that the equipment, toys, books, etc. we “needed” would be everything I could ever want and need.

Five years later with the birth of our second child I know just how wrong I was! Toys, books, baby “stuff” in general, is lovely of course. And many of those things are “needed” but its simply not the BEST gift by a long shot.

So what IS the BEST gift you may wonder?! Let me tell you…

House. Cleaners.

Hands down, the BEST decision I made for my newborn life the second time around was hiring a house cleaner for a couple of months. We received a recommendation from a friend on a local company and hired to them to come clean the “public” parts of my house twice a month. Honestly the cost wasn’t that great but yet it simply changed our lives for the better!

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