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Back to School Season = Meal Planning Season!

Time sure is flying by… it seems like summer vacation started just a few weeks ago, but here we are in the new school year already! This year was extra special – I started my 8th year teaching, my son started Kindergarten & my daughter had her first day of daycare – all in one day!

This time of the year is chaotic! There are papers to sign and return to school, homework to complete, Friday folders to empty, book orders and fundraisers to place, lesson plans to write, papers to grade… and that’s in addition to the normal household and family things we have year around. It’s a difficult time and a tough transition for many families. It’s really easy to get off track in this season and start eating out and picking up carry out far too often, but thankfully we’re here to help!

Check out some of my all time favorite meal planning tips and tricks – they will help your family save money, time and unnecessary calories!

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