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Adjusting to Life with TWO

It’s been an eventful few weeks around here! We welcomed our second child – a girl – to the family!

Welcome to the world Lakelyn Ica. (Ica is a family name, pronounced Ice-Uh.) She was our “small” child, weighing in at 9 pounds, 12 ounces and 21.25 inches long two days before her due date. She was born with a full head of long, dark hair. Labor and delivery went really smoothly, only lasting a total of 7 hours. Mom and baby were both healthy and happy!

Her gender was a surprise and I have to say it was the COOLEST thing ever! We don’t plan to have any more children, but if we did I would pick this route every time. Having my husband be the first person to tell me “it’s a girl” was simply the most magical moment of my life. Five year old big brother is in love and a great help. In true boy fashion, he loves when she poops, so I think we’re right on track! LOL!

So now we’re a family of four. It’s an adjustment for sure, but we’re slowly finding our new normal. 🙂


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