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Spring Is Here!!!

Birds are chirping! Frogs are croaking! The grass is no longer a sad shade of brown!

It’s finally looking like SPRING in Michigan and I couldn’t be happier! How about your neck of the woods?

I don’t know about you, but the start of every new season feels like a fresh start to me – like I can accomplish the world and have all the energy to do so! I feel the same way at the New Year each January, and the start of summer vacation in June plus the back to school season of August and September. It’s just a rejuvenating time! 🙂

This Spring is a little extra special in our house this year because we’ll be welcoming our second child in May. But that also means my goal list is getting a little crazy! Even though it’s my second child, I’m still the same type-A planner I’ve always been, and I have many items on my to do list to prepare for this little. Plus all the normal Spring/end of school year projects to go with it. To help me be accountable and motivated, I decided to share my list with you. (Because you guys are some of the best accountability partners out there, let’s be honest!) So here goes… my Spring list (all to be completed before the third week in May due to baby’s May 26th due date):

Classroom Goals

  • Plan out our final term of the school year
  • Create maternity substitute plans for the last three weeks of the school year (I’m done working May 19th)
  • Finalize end of the year comments and grades except final exams
  • Clean classroom for summer
  • Wrap up committees and extra activities I’m a part of at school

Baby Goals

  • Buy a new car seat
  • Finish washing and organizing baby clothes (we’re waiting to find out gender until birth so I’m separating gender neutral and boy into different drawers – I’ll get rid of boy stuff if we have a girl at a garage sale this summer)
  • Buy & install a camera over baby’s bed & in my son’s room
  • Strip, wash & sun my cloth diapers in preparation for baby

House Goals

  • Tidy up gardens for spring & plant vegetables
  • Tidy porch & deck spaces
  • Organize the garage
  • Deep clean our house
  • Reorganize closets & office area (time to get rid of old paperwork, etc. that doesn’t need to be kept any longer)
  • Paint our basement & start working on creating the bar area
  • Spring check up for dogs

Personal Goals

  • Finish rereading the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
  • Schedule pedicure & eyebrow appointments prior to baby’s arrival
  • Stay hydrated and well rested through my due date!

That’s it! Fingers crossed we’re successful & happy spring!!! 🙂

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