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New Year, Fresh Pantry


Do you have food storage that has seen more organized days? Or perhaps overflowing food in the freezer? I’m with you… this holiday season I had a hard time finding the things I needed among all the junk! I decided I’d had enough… it was time for one of my favorite meal planning money savers – a pantry challenge. (To read the full article of 5 ways click here.)

Have you ever thought about how much food you actually have in your house? For most of us, it’s far more than we actually need at any given time. We’re so fortunate without even realizing it! A pantry challenge is the perfect time for me to reflect on how lucky I am to have plenty of food to eat each day PLUS it saves me money.

The idea is simple… step one, make a list of everything you have in your house already.

Step two, make a list of the meals you can make from those ingredients ONLY. Once you’ve exhausted those ideas, take a look at what’s left. For example, a roll of sausage and flour can be easily turned into sausage gravy – all I would need to buy is a roll of biscuits (because I’m too lazy to make the homemade version most days) and viola… I have another meal out of my pantry.

You get the idea right? Meal plan based on what’s already in your house OR based on what you can create by only adding a few staple ingredients such as milk or produce.

This month we saved about $124 by eating what we already had PLUS my cabinets haven’t looked this tidy in at least 3 months!

Do you use pantry challenges to clean out your extras and save money? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.


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