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A Mid-Year Goals Check In

How have the last six months gone in your neck of the woods? For all of life’s ups and downs I hope this blog post finds you with far more ups than downs so far this year! 🙂

With the start of July here it was time to check in on my 2016 goals & resolutions. I must admit that in some ways I’m disappointed in myself this year, but in others I’m positively thrilled. It’s such a strange mixture of thoughts – good old mother hood. #RealLife

increasing income
Increasing our Income: CCI Greenheart Foreign Exchange Students

So here it is… my list of 2016 goals & resolutions with my current results, or lack there of, plus a few pictures over the last few months:

of your body


  • Lose 20 pounds (back to pre-baby weight) I’m on my way, but need to get my butt in gear (especially since I’m hoping to get pregnant before we ring in the New Year.) Ten more pounds to go!
  • Continue to find a balance between “me” time and everything else (ex. taking time to give myself an in home facial) This is actually going decently well! 🙂 I’ve been making more time for myself, but of course that comes at a cost. I’ve had to give up a few work projects here and there but the peace it has brought me is amazing.
date night number 2
Taking more time for myself – special time with my hubby!


  • Attend professional development throughout the year to continue improving my skills as a teacher Done! 🙂
  • Meet & exceed my professional growth plan goals for the 2015-2016 school year Done! 🙂
  • Hubby promoted to manager Whew! A huge surprise twist here – hubs excepted a new job (which we love) and that has lead him down a different path than we originally expected.
mackinac island
A horse drawn carriage tour ride on Mackinac Island


  • Re-Brand Wife.Mother.Teacher. (more news on that soon!) This one is entirely on a back burner right now. When the time is right I’ll decide if this is still the move for the blog, but for now its on pause.
  • Maintain my regular posting schedule This hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped, some months are perfect though so I see that as an accomplishment.
  • Create a kick a** product to help women master the art of meal planning Started but currently on pause.
  • Increase the number of followers on social media & in our email list (check out the buttons in my side bar!) Pinterest & YouTube are going GREAT but FB and Twitter need to catch up!
Family camping trip


  • Conceive baby #2 (Fingers crossed!) Fingers still crossed. 
  • Enroll little man in a few activities (ex. basketball, swimming, soccer, etc.) – something to do each season So far, so good. He completed basketball this winter, is wrapping up T-Ball right now and soccer just started. I’m planning swim lessons for late summer/fall and perhaps gymnastics again.
  • Enjoy at least 3 camping trips as a family One down, two to go!
  • Travel to Mackinac Island (If you’ve never been there you’re missing out, it’s a little slice of heaven in Northern Michigan) Check! We went to Mackinac Island with our friends visiting from Germany & had an excellent time!
  • Enjoy a fun filled week with our friends visiting from Germany (same friends we visited in Germany last year) Double check! We had a fantastic time and enjoyed way too much fun as we traveled the beautiful state of Michigan.
  • Have professional family pictures taken No progress here – I need to plan them soon though!
cedar point
On the road to Cedar Point


  • Continue improving my ability to trust my husband to complete tasks on his own (I’m a micro manager far too often…) This is a constant struggle and requires constant reminders on my part, but my marriage is worth the effort and I know it will pay off ten fold in the future!
  • Continue to schedule date nights on a monthly to quarterly basis We’re going a bit longer than we planned between date nights, but we have done a few. They were lovely!
  • Chaperon our school’s annual trip to Cedar Point together (last year was a blast!) Check! It was a wonderful day with hubs & my students before the school year ended.
double date right one
Double date with our friends from Germany


  • Increase our household income by at least 10% This process has started and we’re on track to increase by at least 10% by the end of the year.
  • Pay off at least 1 student loan (part of our Debt Snowball) Approximately $2,000 is left on my smallest student loan and we hope to have it paid off soon. Fingers crossed nothing major happens that stops the plan!
  • Upgrade my car (nothing fancy, just slightly bigger & newer than my current ride) Plans have changed in this department as well. We decided to sell my car rather than my husbands & have since become a one car family. We’re still considering trying to upgrade his vehicle, but we’ll see how we feel after awhile with one car.
  • Follow a written monthly budget to continue our Debt Snowball Most months have gone well, but not as perfect as I had hoped for. 
garden better
Little man is loving the huge amount of strawberries we picked.


  • Install garage door opener No progress made on this item yet.
  • Decorate and paint both bathrooms Same, no progress made yet.
  • Finish the basement I’m noticing a pattern here…. this is where the disappointment starts to set in…
  • Buy a new couch Woohoo! Something we accomplished from the household section!
  • Add wall art in more of our house (I’m a terrible decorator – we’ve been in our house for 3 years and yet most of the walls are empty…) Here we go again with no progress…
  • Replace living room furniture We replaced the couch, so I’m going to say this counts as being finished.
  • Replace master bed Check!
  • Have a successful vegetable harvest from my garden this year This year’s garden is going well so far – lettuce, radishes, strawberries & sugar snap peas are all a success. The rabbits ate my tomatoes though… 
  • Build a retaining garden wall around our fenced in dog run Nope. 🙁
  • Continue to seed & treat our lawn (it was a brand new lawn when we moved in 3 years ago, so we’ve come a long way, but it still leaves a lot to be desired) Going well so far – the only down side is that our new dog is terrified of our dog let out area so we’ve been allowing him to pee in the grass, so a part of our lawn is dying off. 🙁 

How about you? How is your year so far? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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