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An All American Family Date to Add to your Bucket List

Here in the United States, its the season of patriotism. Between Memorial Day, Flag Day & Independence Day we’re simply bursting at the seams with red, white & blue.

Every store you go into right now is full of every imaginable product in the colors of our star spangled flag – plates, cups, tshirts, table clothes, flags, bedding, wall art, kids crafts & more. We’re proud of our country and we like to show it!

The flag flying in front of a civil war reenactment camp tent at the Civil War memorial weekend at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI.

Although the patriotism in our stores is plentiful, its the awesome events our country has to offer throughout the summer in celebration of our country that I really love!

This year I had the wonderful privilege of attending the Civil War Remembrance at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI (an amazing addition to the already awesome Henry Ford museum) compliments of the Henry Ford in exchange for posting about the event on the blog. I’d like to send a huge thank you to the Henry Ford for making our visit possible & welcoming us so warmly. 🙂

One of the more elaborate camps at the Civil War Remembrance.

The Civil War Remembrance at the Greenfield Village brings the Civil War alive for a full weekend with reenactment camps set up as far as the eye can see, period dress & music, reenacted events, presentations & more! It takes all the splendor and magic of an normal trip to Greenfield Village and increases them by ten fold.

Soldiers march in formations and practice drills that would have been seen at camps in the Civil War.

Explore the camps, talk to reenactors and learn more about the Civil War era than ever before. It truly feels like a walk through history. The participants are devoted to sharing the history of the Civil War and passionate about authenticity which makes this event a one of a kind.

Lunch is cooking over the open fires.

One thing I found especially interesting about the Civil War Remembrance at Greenfield Village was just how family focused it was. Events have been planned throughout the weekend to engage visitors of every age, which I’ve come to expect and look forward to whenever we visit Greenfield Village, but the part of the weekend I wasn’t expecting was just how much the reenactment involved all ages. Entire families spend their weekend acting out the Civil War experience. Visitors were able to walk through camps designed to hold an entire family, children in period dress, traditional cooking in the field & more. I enjoyed walking through the camps more than anything else at the event which was an unexpected surprise!

Events are planned for all ages – here kids of all ages signed up to take part in the army and have been sent to training. They spend their morning learning drills & marching the field.

Mark your calendars for Memorial Day weekend 2017 – this is an event you’ll want to attend! But in the meantime there are a couple of upcoming events at Greenfield Village you’ll want to know about:

Base ball, the way it was meant to be played. A gentleman’s game. Gloves optional, just an action packed spectacle. Classic. The way we like it.

Our family absolutely LOVES to pack a picnic lunch and spend a leisurely afternoon under one of the many shade trees surrounding the Greenfield Village baseball fields – its the perfect family date this summer.

A classic Independence Day celebration with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra that’s as full of freedom-loving fanfare as they come.


With so many awesome events coming up, plus all the amazing things to see every day at Greenfield Village it’s definitely worth adding to your families MI bucket list this season. And last but not least, thank you again to the Henry Ford for making our visit possible!

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