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The Perfect Part Time Job for Teachers

Summer Job for Teachers


Are you a teacher looking for the perfect part time job? I’d be preaching to the choir if I went on about the difficult financial position many teachers find themselves in trying to balance everyday life, their classroom and their personal finances, but each of us has answered the call to teach regardless of the benefits available. Unfortunately many of us took out student loans to cover the cost of receiving our degree and now find paying them back quite daunting. For that reason, many teachers take on part time endeavors to bring in extra income. Today’s post has those teachers in mind… the perfect summer part time job for teachers!

This year I started working for CCI Greenheart as a local coordinator and I’m excited to share this opportunity with you as well.

What makes working for CCI Greenheart the perfect part time job for teachers is how well it perfectly aligns with what we’re already doing each and everyday. CCI Greenheart is a nonprofit that connects people and planet to create global leaders through personal development, volunteer service, environmentalism, fair trade, and cultural exchange. Curious to learn more? Check out the vlog for a little more information. If you’d like more information after that please contact me at tiffanyhenfling@gmail dot com.

Happy job hunting!

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