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One Tip to Have More Fun with your Kids on a Budget

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Do you ever feel like your life is so busy you never get to sit back and enjoy your kids? Well today I have one tip for you to have more fun with your kids on a budget!

Family memberships have been a very budget friendly choice for our family.

Up front they do have a bit of a cost obviously, but as long as you plan ahead and spread out memberships throughout the year you’ll find the cost is very manageable. (Even better, if you ask for memberships as presents for your kiddos you might be able to save the cost all together – bonus!)

Where to Buy:

Here’s a few places you might find that have memberships in your area:

  • Zoo
  • Aquarium
  • Nature Center
  • Museums
  • Science Centers
  • Play Places such as a trampoline park or indoor playground

Should you buy?

When deciding whether or not to buy a membership you have to decide whether or not you’re family can visit the location enough times in a year for the membership to pay for itself. For example, the cost of a membership at my local science center is $75 for our family for the entire year. Normally we would pay $7 per person to get in. If all three of us go that’s a cost of $21 per visit, so we would need to go more than 3 times to have the membership pay for itself.

What we’ve found is that once we have the membership it actually encourages us to go more often. At a very minimum we visit our local science center at least once per month, but its usually much more frequent.

Making a day of it?

In the past when we tried to visit a local attraction we always wanted to spend our entire day there in order to get the most bang for our buck. Unfortunately that usually adds a level of difficulty to your adventure – tired kids, sunburn, hungry parents, etc. can lead to a very long and stressful day. Can you relate? Do you leave a day adventure with your family feeling frustrated and worn out? Guess what? When you have a family membership much of that stress goes away! Why? Because you no longer feel the need to see everything in one day and exhaust your family in the process!

We find ourselves making short visits to our local zoo rather than full day adventures. That lets us still fit in our normal days activities, like nap time or errands, plus enjoy the zoo! Win-win!

How about you? Have you purchased family memberships before? I’d love to hear your advice and experiences in the comments below!


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