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Improve Your Child’s Math Skills for FREE with Khan Academy


Does your child struggle in math? Unfortunately, poor math scores plague many of America’s youth. A recent study found that American 8th graders only reach advanced level math 7% of the time, compared to 47-50% of the time in other countries. Our growing technological career climate makes it vital, now more than ever, that our young people not only improve their math understanding, but excel at it.


Thankfully Khan Academy, a free website funded in part by the Gates Foundation & Google, has the perfect answer. A free, online math learning environment that is easy to use, engaging & tracks progress. (It should be noted that in addition to math they also have material on science, computer programming, art, history & more… but in this post I’m focusing on math.)

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My favorite thing about Khan Academy is that it’s perfect for helping struggling students improve their overall math skills. While taking them step by step through each grade level, Khan Academy will offer a variety of video lessons and assessment questions to help focus on the specific areas your child (or you!) struggle with.


In addition to being a great teaching tool, I also love how user friendly their site is for parents. Start by creating a free account for yourself. Once you’ve logged into your own account you’ll be able to make linked accounts for each of your children so that you can monitor their progress (a fantastic feature of their ‘parent’ accounts). But Khan Academy doesn’t stop there – it’s also set up for Teachers to help their entire classroom improve.


Are you wondering if Khan Academy is right for you? Here are a few of my favorite uses for this fabulous resource – if one of these sounds like you then today is the day to sign up and start using their amazing tools!

  • Do you, your children or your students need to improve their math skills?
  • Do you feel like your child has “holes” in their math knowledge?
  • Would you like to provide educational supplements for your gifted & talented child?
  • Does your child need more one-on-one help with their academics?
  • Does your child thrive in an online environment or prefer online learning?

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