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How to Set Up a Study or Work Area at Home

Tips and tricks for making the most of your work time from home. Great tips for setting up your children's study area.
Tips and tricks for making the most of your work time from home. Great tips for setting up your children’s study area.

Learning doesn’t stop just because the school bell rings. Every child should be encouraged to learn, grow & explore in their free time as well. This includes extra practice or homework from their teachers, independent learning projects on topics that interest them or future college/career planning endeavors, such as essay writing. Setting up a special place in your home where studying takes place is a necessity in raising children that have positive, ingrained study habits.

A good study location should:

  • Be safe – Fear sends our brain into a type of survival mode – academic learning can’t take place when a human is in a state of fear. Items to consider could range from other people, phobias or fearful locations, such as near a high story window.
  • Be quiet – One study found that music or even TV is a negative when studying (contrary to what many teenagers would lead you to believe).
  • Have a clear writing surface – Students should be able to lay out their supplies in front of them easily. Clear the surface your child is working at of any unnecessary items, this is especially true in homes with large amounts of clutter.
  • Have all necessary supplies within reach – Parents should have a small supply of writing utensils, sharpeners, white out, calculators, coloring tools, etc. where the child is working. This could be in a specific cabinet or a mobile basket depending on your circumstances.
  • Be monitored – Even “good students” need to be monitored throughout the learning process. If you’re not sitting near by, you should at least be within sight of your child.
  • Be free of distractions – Your child shouldn’t have a mobile device or social media near them when studying. In addition all notifications on their devices should be turned on silent so that they don’t experience any anxiety or distraction due to the sounds they create. Students that are using the internet or a computer to complete studying should not have unnecessary websites or programs open while studying, examples would include social media accounts or games.

To help you create a space that sets your child up for academic success, I’ve created a board on Pinterest called “Home Study Areas for Kids” which is constantly being updated with new photos and ideas.

We would love to feature your home study area on this site. Please send photo submissions with the subject line “Our Study Location” on our contact page.

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