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Tips & Tricks for Falling Asleep When your Mind is Racing

Looking for tricks to fall asleep, even when your mind is racing? Well you’re in luck – I have 6 ways to share with you today. Just stay tuned as I set the stage for you with a few meme’s…

We’ve all seen the pictures about the differences between men & women getting ready for bed:

going to bed
Like this great one from

In your house does this also hold true when it comes to actually falling asleep as well (not just preparing for bed)?

In our house it usually plays out like this:

Hubs: “I’m ready for bed.” (While shutting off phone & lamp for the night.)

Me: “Me too.” (Also shutting off phone & lamp.)

Hubs: *Snoring within 2-5 minutes flat*

Me: *Laying in the dark* My mind is racing… tomorrow’s schedule, future lesson plans at school, home projects, what I’m going to wear tomorrow, did I shut off the lights, did I put dinner away, life goals, worries and concerns for my family and community… you get the idea… 20-60 minutes go by most nights before sleep ever comes.


It’s not that I have anything against sleep. In fact, I love to sleep. I love everything about it and crave it. The problem is not a lack of desire to sleep, I can be absolutely physically exhausted and still have my mind racing at bed time. Sometimes it actually gets so bad that I can hear my own voice in my head saying all the different thoughts floating around. (No, I’m not crazy, at least I think… LOL)

Thankfully though I’ve found a handful of tricks that have really helped me to improve my ability to fall asleep quickly and I decided if there is just one other lady like me out there, I owed it to her to write this post, so here goes.

  1. Do a quick run through your home before bed.

    You know that funny meme at the start of this post? It’s totally true. Rather than worry about it later while trying to fall asleep, just give yourself 5-10 minutes to check the entire house. Here are the tasks I like to finish every night before bed:

    • Lock Door
    • Let dogs outside one last time
    • Make sure electronics are turned off & phones charging for the night
    • Put dinner away
    • Start dishwasher (if necessary)
    • Close windows if not already
    • Turn off all lights
    • Switch laundry (if necessary)
    • Tidy up toys or random objects that are out and about
    • Cover the living room couch with a blanket (otherwise our dog will get on it and rip the cushions… sadly, we know this from experience…
  2. Prepare yourself for bed.

    Once you know the house, and your family, are all tucked in for the night its time to worry about yourself. This is where I take care of all the physical stuff that might make me jump back out of bed to complete them later. Here’s my nightly checklist:

    • Change into PJs
    • Wash face & moisturize
    • Brush my teeth
    • Use the bathroom
    • Get a glass of water (and take medicine if I forgot to earlier)
    • Put dirty laundry in bin
    • Pick, or at least consider, tomorrow’s outfit
    • Stretch or do some crunches if I feel the need 😉
  3. Set the stage.

    Having a comfortable bed is so important to starting your sleep off right. I take a moment to make sure the sheets & blankets are just the way I like them. I set out a glass of water, set my alarm, get out a book to read and fluff my pillows. It takes less than 60 seconds, but its the perfect way to climb into bed.

  4. Take a few minutes to acknowledge & write down your thoughts (as needed).

    Before falling asleep each night I take a few minutes to let my brain run through all the thoughts, ideas & “to do’s” that are keeping my attention. Sometimes I just need to take the moment to acknowledge the thought, and “poof” it is no longer bothering me, but other things need to be written down. Here are the types of things I acknowledge or write down before bed:

    • Did I handle a certain situation at home or work in the correct way? Acknowledge and let go.
    • Did I have enough quality time with my son and husband? Acknowledge and let go.
    • Shoot! I didn’t mail out bills. Write it down for tomorrow then let it go.
    • I can’t forget that book my neighbor recommended. Write it down for tomorrow and let it go.
  5. Distract my brain.

    I love to spend a few minutes (or many long minutes) in a good book before bed. It’s the perfect way to relax my body and distract my brain away from the days tasks and obligations.

  6. Relax my body & mind.

    This looks a little different each night. Some nights I put on relaxing music (I love the Relax M. app in the Google Playstore – I like to set “flute” for a one hour timer some nights.) Other nights I tighten and relax different muscle groups throughout my body to help me ‘sink’ into the bed comfortably. On other occasions I day dream purposely – give myself a mental story to explore and enjoy before falling asleep.

So there it is… 6 tips & tricks for falling asleep – even when my mind is running a million miles an hour!

Happy Snoozing! 😉

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