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9 Reasons I Love the Library


Since I’m a teacher I’m guessing it won’t surprise you to find out that I love reading.

And yes, you’d be correct.

But I’m not the book owning kind of gal. I’m a borrow from the library chick. (Yes, I know there are reasons to prefer purchasing, but in my opinion the benefits to using the library far outweigh the bookstore route.)

So here it is… 10 Reasons I Love the Library:

1. It’s free!
Seriously, how much better does it get. As a public seevice (???) Public libraries in the United States are funded through ____, making them free for everyone to join. But it’s not just free books, it’s free books plus a whole bunch more – periodocals, computer and Internet access, community classes, children’s story times and movies. And that brings us to reason number 2.

2. The library helps improve the lives of my family and our community.
Do you know someone that could use help creating a new job resume after a recent layoff? Would your child benefit from positive interactions with books outside of your home? How about a place to meet other like minded people? Your local library is doing all of these things and more. That’s why it always shocks me when you hear talk of “defunding libraries in a time of economic need” – the library is one of the best things going for an impoverished community!

3. The staff is usually made up of the nicest people on the face of the planet. 

No evil librarians from Hollywood here. Instead it’s like the library hand picked the nicest, most thoughtful humans from my local area to staff their branch libraries. Many of them know me by name & they all make a point to say hello to my son when we visit – not to mention they answer my one million questions (I always have questions.)

4. No pressure.

Want to browse the shelves without someone pushing a book on you? Would you like to read the first few chapters first to make sure you really like it before bringing it home? Are you interested in finding a new author that fits your tastes? How about checking out a stack of books, then turning around and returning most of them the very next day? At the library you can do all of these things without pressure. No one is working on commission or concerned you might be “over staying your welcome.” Comfortable chairs invite you to stay awhile, without a rush out the door.

5. They have a printer.

I know this one may seem weird – but with the rise of mobile devices its just not necessary to print things very often anymore. For that reason its totally normal for me to not restock my family’s ink supply at home – instead I can just print off the few pages that I need occasionally for a nominal fee. (We’re talking like 5-10 cents.)

6. Story time.

Are you, or have you ever been, the parent of a young child? If so, you know how desperate you can be for just 10 minutes of distraction for your young people. That’s why I LOVE story time at the library. It’s a great program that helps foster the love of reading in my little man, plus it allows me to take a break from entertaining him on my own. (As an added bonus, he thinks I’m the coolest mom ever for letting him go. Win-Win!)

7. Pacify a new fad.

Do you remember the last time a new craze came out and you just HAD to jump on the band wagon? It can be easy to dive head first into a new hobby, only to find out a short time later you don’t actually like the activity. That can be incredibly depressing, especially if you already invested in all the resources needed to hone your craft. Thankfully that’s not an issue at the library. (Funny story… a particular librarian at my local branch actually jokes with me about how my subjects change. He’ll say something like “no sewing today?” if I leave without a sewing themed book for the first time in awhile.) Over the years I’ve checked out books on countless topics – a few have stuck with me and many haven’t – but the good news is those passing fads never cost me a dime. I learned everything I wanted to (and more) on the topic from the library without spending a cent.

8. Try something new.

Speaking of new fads – did you know that the library often hosts meet ups for a variety of topics/activities? This year my local library has had activities and presentations on topics from geneology to bee keeping and book clubs to lego parties. It’s a great way to try out a new activity without a lot of hassle.

library with gma

9. This.

Great bonding time awaits you at your local library. It’s a chance to put down the devices, ignore your busy life & get lost in a good book (with or without a child). I love this picture of my mom with little man – the two of them have enjoyed lots of cuddles on the library’s rocking chair when she comes to town.


Do you have another item to add to my list? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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