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Our 10 Most Popular Posts of 2015 + A Question!

Top 10 Posts of 2015

This week I’ve really enjoyed taking a look back at all the posts that have been published this year. It’s amazing how much a year can change things!

I’m wondering how many of you are like me? Perhaps I’m weird, but I ***LOVE*** to plan just about everything. Planning is kind of my thing – schedules, to do lists, monthly goals, annual goals, budgets, meals… you name it, I like to plan it. But how normal is that? Will you help me out with a little vote? This week I’ll be asking my email subscribers to answer this question, so stay tuned to your inbox. (Psst… if you’re not on our email list, subscribe in the sidebar now —>)

I’m excited for the New Year ahead, but before I fully close the door on 2015 I wanted to share our 10 most popular posts of 2015:


When Someone Asked Me If I Wanted My Son to Grow Up Over Worked & Stressed Out… This Happened


What It’s Like to be a Stay at Home Mom on a Part Time Basis

Australian (1)

What to Do When Your Spouse Doesn’t Want to be on a Budget


Why Teachers Should Write New Year Goals for their Classroom

Sick Kid with Words

Oh no! Daycare just called… my kid is sick. What do I do?


How to Create your Debt Snowball


How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day for Free

01 (2)

The Pros & Cons of Being a Working Mom

How to Save Money on Your Utility Bill this Winter (1)

How to Save Money on Your Utility Bill this Winter

4 Ways to Save $1,000 Fast

4 Ways to Save $1,000 Fast

There you have it… another 365 days in the books. I hope your 2016 starts with a bang & that you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane with me!

Happy New Year



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