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Money Making Mom: A Book Review

money making mom

Are you interested in earning more money to help improve your family’s financial situation? If so, then I have the book for you!

Crystal Paine’s blog Money Saving Mom has been a huge inspiration to my life – not only to save money, but also as an inspiration for my blogging adventure – so it goes without saying that I’m a big fan of her writing.

In case you’ve missed it, this isn’t her first book. She has also written the following titles (click on my affiliate link to see them on Amazon):

Crystal is an expert at motivating women to accomplish more out of life, and this newest book didn’t disappoint.


Money Making Mom takes women on a journey to bringing home more money. The book is written in an honest, straight forward manner – full of action steps and inspirational stories to walk you through her examples and process. She dives into a few really important questions you need to consider before trying to increase your income by forcing you to dig deep into your heart and admit your inner motivations, dreams and fears.

My Review

I was extremely interested in reviewing this book for a few reasons:

  1. I love Crystal’s work!
  2. I’m very interested in improving my family’s income as a part of our Total Money Makeover.
  3. Dave Ramsey is quoted on the cover of the book!!!
  4. I’m already working to improve our finances in a variety of ways: blogging, tutoring, babysitting, Usertesting, Swagbucks & more!

As I got into the book I felt like it was written to someone that is brand new to increasing their income. As a result, there were many ideas and tips mentioned that were review for me, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes having a review of the basics is incredibly refreshing and a great way to start fresh moving forward. Sprinkled throughout the book though were some great pieces of advice I’d never heard or considered. The chapters were easy to read and even easier to implement. A true how to book, Money Making Mom is full of action steps for you to complete as you read it.

I would highly recommend this book to any woman interested in earning more money each week – whether that’s through getting a job outside the home for the first time or an entrepreneurial adventure.

One thing I loved about the book is Crystal’s emphasis on giving back and helping others. She is truly a wonderful woman and a great inspiration through and through.

Here’s my quick review on YouTube…

To purchase your own copy of Money Making Mom check out my Amazon affiliate link or your local book store.

This fall BookLook provided me with a complimentary copy in exchange for my review of the book. All opinions shared are entirely my own.

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