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Stowaway Make Up Review & Giveaway: November 2015

Exciting news this November – we’ve teamed up with Stowaway cosmetics to bring you an exciting giveaway!

Never heard of Stowaway cosmetics? Neither had I, so let me fill you in.

Stowaway calls themselves “right sized cosmetics… makeup essentials women love, in sizes you can carry and actually finish. We are half the size & half the price of typical prestige cosmetics.”

Yes, they are seriously this cute and adorable.
To be honest, I’ve never been much of a make up girl. My daily routine consists of less than 5 minutes applying powder, blush, eye shadow & mascara, so at first I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this makeup, but I was already in the market for a new concealer so I felt like this was divine intervention – I was meant to try Stowaway cosmetics for myself. πŸ™‚
To get started, I hoped on the Stowaway website & selected the product colors I wanted to receive. Throughout the process I did feel a bit limited in the selection of colors (as you can see in the picture below, there are only 4 concealer colors to pick between), so I would imagine there are skin colors that wouldn’t find a good match. (In the end I think the concealer I selected is a tad light for my skin, but once I layered it with the rest of my makeup it blended out nicely.)
Wondering about my results? Here goes… I gave the makeup a true run for its money at a family wedding my husband and I attended this October. Although I had tried out pieces of the set prior to that occasion, I hadn’t yet worn all 6 products from the kit together.
Wedding Selfies! πŸ™‚
I think we have a winner folks! πŸ™‚ Although I don’t wear much makeup on a daily basis, for this special event I really appreciated the full coverage the concealer & foundation provided. Both go a long way, and were really easy to spread with my hands (my favorite make up application tool).
The cheek color surprised me – I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about a pot rouge but it turns out it does a really nice job and was user friendly. I could easily apply less or more depending on my personal preferences.
As for the lipstick, I was dumb founded by how well it stayed on. Little man wanted lipstick on too, so I immediately planted a kiss on his cheek after applying and NOT A SINGLE speck of color ended up on his cheek! I ended up layering it with a lip gloss for a more moist feeling, but otherwise I couldn’t have been happier.
Lastly – my eyes. The kit includes an eyeliner and mascara, which both worked extremely well. The eyeliner is very creamy and goes on smooth. The mascara feels just like what I’m used to – nothing out of the ordinary – just excellent lash coverage and color.
So what didn’t I like? Well, I would have appreciated more color choices, as I previously mentioned, but other than that the only two things I can think of were: one, it felt weird to not have eye shadow, I would prefer to have a kit with a basic set of shadows and two, I felt like the foundation needed a layer of powder over top to help set the makeup and give it a more natural appearance. (Although this latter one could just be because I don’t normally wear foundation.)
The small size was truly a blessing as I was able to carry it with me in a small clutch – although it turns out the only thing I needed to reapply later in the night was lipstick, everything else held up great! (And to be fair, so did the lipstick, I just couldn’t keep myself away from a frosted mug of cider, complete with an icy rim, so its fair to say I continuously washed it off myself… but that was totally worth it!)
Ready to get your hands on a Stowaway Kit of your very own? Check out their website to order today and fill out our giveaway entry form using rafflecopter below.
The giveaway is open to US residents aged 18+ and will be open for the entire month of November.
Good luck!


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