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The 2016 Working Mom’s Daily Do’s Free Printable Planner is Available NOW!

Are you ready to get organized for 2016?
If so, you’re in luck… the 2016 Working Mom’s Daily Do’s Planner is available NOW!
The updated Working Mom’s Daily Do’s Planner Printable has everything a busy, working mom needs to keep her life organized and on track:
  • Water intake record – are you getting all 8 glasses?
  • Fruit & vegetable score card – how many servings of fresh produce do you eat everyday?
  • Daily vitamin reminder – no more forgetting whether or not you took your medicine that day!
  • Kegel reminder – such an important, but easy to forget, chore for us moms. 🙂
  • Exercise record – how many days did you break a sweat this week?
  • Fertility tracking – a place for small red dots (Aunt flow) or tiny hearts (for keeping track of when a new miracle might have been conceived) – because lets face it, each one of us is in a different phase with fertility, but its important to track no matter what stage you’re in.
  • Weekly to do list – for easy tracking of the progress you’ve made.
  • Meal planning space – to plan out what meals your family will eat each day – just dinner, or all three meals – it’s your choice.
  • Shopping List – never forget milk on your way home again!
  • Daily appointments & activities – does little Jimmy have a soccer game tonight? Are you having coffee with your boss? No matter the activity, this planner has a space to record it.
  • Sleek & clean layout – because who has focus to spare on distracting extras?!
  • Notes area – perfect for quick notes like the phone number left on your voicemail or a cool website your sister recommended.
Ready for the best part?
You get all of the great features at no cost to you – to download your very own FREE 2016 Working Mom’s Daily Do’s Printable Planner click here.
Happy Organizing


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Here it is in action… one week in my 2016 planner:

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