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Check Out My Brand New FREE Computer

I bought a new lap top this September and you’re never going to believe how I paid for it…. Swagbucks!
I’ve always been a huge fan of Swagbucks – I basically like anything that gives me something essentially with no extra effort or cost – but now I REALLY like Swagbucks.
I should start by saying my family is on a tight budget – it’s not an option to drop a few hundred dollars on a new laptop just because. So when my old laptop started acting up, then the screen fell off (yes, literally) I didn’t replace it. Instead I’ve been dealing with my husband’s desktop computer for over 6 months. I don’t actually have anything against desk tops – I love my computer at school – but I like to relax on the couch blogging in the evenings and that’s just not possible with a desk top. But it’s also not necessary to relax on the couch, so…. I kept using the desktop.
But then… we went to Germany this summer. How are a computer and a trip to Germany connected you might ask? Here’s how…
I bought the airlines tickets for all 5 of us (my mom & stepdad included) on Travelocity using a Swagbucks link. Wah-la… I earned 3 swagbucks per dollar I spent!!! (Side note: I would recommend taking a screen shot of the offer when you purchase for your records, just in case, so for example I had a screen shot of the 3 swagbucks per dollar offer – turns out that was a good thing because Travelocity’s offer has since changed to 1 swagbuck per dollar spent and at first they were only going to award me one third of what I deserved. Fortunately an email cleared that up!)


Basically that means I had enough Swagbucks to redeem a $250 Best Buy Gift Card, plus a little left over for $35 at Game Stop for hubs (even though I hate video games – he sure is lucky I love him).
You may be thinking “$250 doesn’t buy you an amazing computer” and you know what, you’d be right. But here’s the deal… I don’t need a state of the art computer to blog & scan through Facebook. I just need a good connection and the comfort of my couch, and this computer is perfect for that! 🙂 Plus I saved a little extra by buying from their “open box” stock – which saved me $20. They labeled my “open box” item as scratched, but seriously, it’s so minor I didn’t even notice it. That’s $20 well saved in my book!
Wondering how to take advantage of the same kind of sweet deal? First sign up for Swagbucks, then any time you plan to purchase something online type it into Swagbucks first – if an offer comes up, purchase through that link. It’s seriously that simple!
Happy Swagbuck-ing!

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