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“Ditching the Drive Thru” Book Review & Giveaway: November 2015

This fall, we’ve teamed up with Spikehorn Press to bring you a review & giveaway of J. Natalie Winch’s new book Ditching the Drive-Thru: How to Pass Up Processed Foods, Buy Farm Fresh, and Transform Your Family’s Eating Habits on a Modern Mom’s Schedule.

If your family is anything like mine, this is something you need to continue working on. Far too often we get lazy and make poor eating choices for our family – especially when our lives get busy – so ever since I started reading Ditching the Drive-Thru I’ve been trying to challenge myself to do exactly that – no fast food, period.

Truth be told – we already try to limit our fast food because of budget restrictions, but it was difficult to say no a few times when our schedule was crazy and a trip through the drive-thru would have been more convenient. That being said, I’m so glad we did. I learned so much while reading Ditching the Drive Thru, and I know you will too.

Winch does a great job of getting to the route of a question, here’s one of my favorites.

“When we discuss processed food, what does ‘processed’ mean?” (Well, how right you are, I too have asked my self that same question.) Thankfully she goes on to say “In a sense, we process just about everything. Having an animal slaughtered and butchered is processing. Making pickles is processing. Cooking is a form of processing. But when we use the word ‘processed’ in terms of contemporary food, we mean refined food created in a factory.” She goes on to list examples and talk about more specific situations, and I just simply love what she did with it. She asked the straight forward question without all the fluffy “extras” and then answered it. (The book is full of moments like that!)

J. Natalie Winch

I loved that Ditching the Drive Thru started off by educating me. J. Natalie Winch spends a lot of time getting into all the details of her unprocessed eating habits such as corporate marketing manipulation & food culture perceptions. Then after she’s filled you in on all the why’s, she spends the remainder of  the book dealing with the “how.” A few great examples from the book include purchasing meat once each year in bulk and obtaining ‘raw milk’ in a state that outlaws the sale of it.

The very best part though is how Winch ends this awesome book! In the final chapter (and one appendix) she sets the path ahead of you for starting your own food transformation. Just like any wise adviser, she breaks the process down into super small, manageable bite sized pieces. No matter your current relationship with food, she has a way to improve your family’s eating as you move forward step-by-step.

Ready to get your hands on your own copy? Check out her site to order your copy today and while you’re here register to win a copy of your very own by filling out the rafflecopter form below! (One lucky winner worldwide will win their own.)

Good luck!


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