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When Someone Asked Me If I Wanted My Son to Grow Up Over Worked & Stressed Out… This Happened

This month I received an email from Bronda, a reader trying to figure out how to “balance it all.”
Her message really struck a chord with me because it reminded me of a conversation I had once had with a friend.

“Tiffany, do you want your son to grow up to become an over worked, stressed out adult?” they asked.

“Of course not! I want him to be happy, content, relaxed and at peace with life.”

“Well then, you need to start modeling that for him, because right now you’re only showing him how to be over worked and stressed out. Our children are what we teach them.”

Wow! Talk about a giant wake up call & slap in the face all rolled into one!
If I never show my son what it looks like to take time for myself – exploring my hobbies, relaxing my mind, soothing my sore muscles in a bubble bath, indulging in a good book while watching the sunset – then he’ll never know how either. Instead he’ll grow up to be just like me – busy, over worked and exhausted.
Ever since, I’ve been continuously working to take more time for myself, even if I don’t feel like I “have the time.” I must learn to make time for myself – it’s the only way my child will learn how to do the same.
So occasionally, mommy needs a break and I’ve gotten much better at voicing that. 
Sometimes it means I relax on the front porch writing in my journal while the sun goes down, and other days it means I enjoy a relaxing at home spa….
This week I challenge you to set aside a few minutes for yourself.
Tell your spouse or children that “mommy needs to take a little time to relax and unwind.” Then find them a distracting activity and give yourself a breather! You deserve it!
P.S. I’d love to know what you did during your “mommy break” – comment below to share with the Wife.Mother.Teacher. tribe! 🙂


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