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goMohu Leaf 30 Antenna Review & Giveaway

Many of you may remember when I first introduced you to goMohu in April. They offer a variety of Leaf antennas that allow you to watch tons of TV channels without the high cost of cable – just a one time purchase and you’re set.
You might be wondering how much something like that costs, well it’s a whole lot less than you might expect – their entry-level antenna, the Leaf Metro is only $19.95! 
In exchange for my honest review, goMohu provided me with a complimentary Leaf 30 antenna plus they’re giving away one more to one lucky US reader. To find out more keep reading…
When I first tried out the Leaf 30 Antenna I was incredibly impressed with how easily it could be hidden. (The picture above shows their white version placed under kitchen cabinets, for example.) When we first installed ours in our bedroom we decided to stick it to our window behind the curtains and in our living room it hides behind the entertainment center.
In addition to being easy to hide, they’re also simple to set up – just plug it in, stick it up and hit the button to search channels. With just 3 simple steps you’re read to watch!
So would I recommend the Leaf 30 antenna to YOU?
Totally! For anyone looking to cut cable and save money this is the perfect option, but there is only one catch…. you have to make sure they get a good signal in your area first. To make sure the Leaf antenna will work for you visit their site and type in your zip code. To give you an idea of what kinds of results to expect I typed in my zip code…
In my zip code I have four antennas to choose between. The Leaf Metro, at only $19.95, would receive 13 channels, all the way to the Sky 60, where I could receive 37 channels.
If you’re ready to purchase just click here:

Be set free with the Mohu antenna. FREE HDTV! Save $1,200 per year! Click to learn more.

But don’t forget the best part… it’s giveaway time! To enter you must be a US resident, aged 18+. As long as that is true about you, just fill out the rafflecopter form below.

Good luck!


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