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Fertility on a Budget

This year, my husband and I are hoping to have another little member of the family. It hasn’t happened yet, but we’re hoping, so fertility has been on my mind quite a bit lately.
We’re blessed to already have one child, so I know we don’t have a fertility “issue,” we’re just waiting for the stars to align for all intensive purposes. Imagine my excitement then when I found a free app designed for women just like me!
Glow: For Women Trying to Conceive
Glow is an app for the apple & android market that uses data to help you track your fertility. But in addition to tracking, it also offers a daily health log (check out the picture) which is perfect for mamas like me that LOVE checking off items on a to do list. (Lets face it, most working mamas seem to be this way – even if it’s only for maintaining their sanity.) 🙂
Glow also offers an online community – much like Baby Center or the Bump – for support, a partner sharing option so that both of your devices can receive alerts if you so desire & health insights to help you improve your overall health.
If you’re trying to get pregnant, or hoping to in the near future, this is the app for you. I honestly can’t recommend it enough. But just in case that’s not enough, I really fell in love with the concept after viewing an interview of the creator on YouTube. (Warning: This isn’t a fun, commercial video. It’s an interview where he explains where this app came from and why it is needed in our American healthcare system. I would totally recommend watching the whole thing.) So give that a whirl, I think it does a nice job of explaining the premise of the app without all the cutesy, mushy stuff.
Already pregnant? No problem, the Glow community has something for you too…
Nurture by Glow: For Tracking your Little One’s Growth & Development
This app wasn’t around when I had my son, so I can’t actually speak to using this app while pregnant. But I did install the app and check it out from curiosity. It looks pretty cool – a great way to track baby’s growth, stay up to date on health recommendations and a way to record your changing body along the way. (Who doesn’t like little pictures showing what’s going on inside you?!)
Still not for you? The Glow community has one more product to offer, but it was just released this summer and hasn’t entered the android market yet…
Ruby by Glow: For Women Trying to Avoid Pregnancy Without the Hormones & Medication
I personally don’t have anything against birth control, I’m a pro-birth control kind of lady, but I can really see the advantage of an app like this if I was. There are a wide variety of reasons that a couple would choose to track their fertility windows and this app looks like it would fit them all.
I haven’t tried this app personally and since it’s not available on the android market yet, I can’t even give it a whirl for review purposes, but the website makes it look pretty cool and after having seen the other two apps this team has made, I’m pretty sure I would enjoy it!
Would you like more information on any of these three apps? Check out the Glow website for more information & to download.
Happy Fertility (no matter what stage you’re in)!

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