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Summer Bucket List Results: 2015

I’m so thankful that as a teacher I get to enjoy my summers at home playing wife, mother & house keeper. It’s a role change I was really looking forward to this year.

It’s a time of year where I’m usually able to catch up on my other life obligations (besides my classroom), but its also a great time to catch up on big classroom projects that I can’t find time for during the school year.

Last summer was a very productive and fun one, but 2015 wasn’t quite as productive as I had hoped! 🙁 Yikes!

This summer I had high hopes of accomplishing big things – some just for fun & some for work – so like last year I had two “summer buckets” to fill.
My Fun Bucket is full of the items I hoped to accomplish this summer just for the pure joy of life.
My Not-So-Fun Bucket is full of chores & tasks that needed my attention.
Throughout the summer I’ve been checking in to see how my bucket lists were going, because lets face it – accountability is a major trick in accomplishing your goals! 🙂 But none the less, fall (or the new school year anyway) is just a few weeks away and I still have many items to finish…. fingers crossed I get my butt in gear!
Fun Bucket
  1. Go camping in the back yard
  2. Swim in Lake Michigan
  3. Enjoy countless fires in the back yard (Not really countless, but we did at least enjoy some fires.)
  4. Visit my family in Kentucky
  5. Attend our local county fair
  6. Take weekly visits to local attractions like the science museum and zoo
  7. Visit my husband’s family’s cabin up north
  8. Continue following the Flipped Lifestyle Podcast (great info for anyone looking at online business)
  9. Enjoy picnics in a variety of outdoor locations near our home
  10. Attend a friend’s wedding in Germany
  11. Read a few great summer reads & take part in our local library’s summer reading program
  12. Go on a monthly date night with my husband
  13. Take a bike ride as a family down our local river trail system
  14. Go garage sale shopping 🙂 
  15. ???
Not-So-Fun Bucket
  1. Install a “doggy door” in our garage
  2. Add rocks to our garden & dog area
  3. Find a solution for my ever spreading collection of strawberry plants
  4. Create a garden path out of wood chips
  5. Fill in my second square foot garden (affiliate link – thank you!)
  6. Re-caulk kitchen
  7. Re-caulk bathrooms
  8. Organize garage for fall/winter
  9. Get rid of extra items at a garage sale
  10. Continue basement finishing project
  11. Purchase & install a storm door on our front entrance
  12. Purchase & install a hanging screen door for our deck
  13. Add flowers below stairs to our deck
  14. Fill in holes in garden with new flowers
  15. Paint & redecorate two upstairs bathrooms
  16. Continue to weed gardens
  17. Build a new garden to surround our utility boxes
  18. Continue to seed our yard to improve our grass
  19. Apply weed & feed and grub control to our yard at the end of summer/early fall
  20. ???

What’s on your summer bucket list? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Check back often – I’ll be updating my list regularly throughout the summer. As tasks are completed I’ll cross them out & as we think of new ones we’ll add to the list! Wish us luck – it’s sure to be an action packed summer. 🙂

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