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How Garage Sales Let Me Experience the “Good Life”

I’ve always loved garage sales, flea markets and any other opportunity to get a great deal. A few weekends ago, I was reminded of just how great they are when you’re on a budget.
My family has a limited amount of money to spend on non-necessary items each month. That makes purchasing frivolous items, such as new furniture or exercise equipment – that we don’t “need”, a little difficult. (keep in mind that need, and want, need clear definitions here). Fortunately garage sales make that all possible.

People have a knack for buying items they don’t actually need, or have time to use. And that means they often turn around and sell them for next to nothing at a summer garage sale. That’s where I like to swoop in and nab them at a rock bottom price that fits my budget. That, my friends, is how I’m able to enjoy the ‘good life’ on our strict budget.
If you haven’t given second hand sales a try I would highly recommend them. Try an app like Keep on your phone to keep a running track of items your family would love to have, then set aside money in your monthly budget throughout the garage sale or flea market season. You’ll get the best deal if you’ve done your research ahead of time and know what a good price is, especially on larger items, so before hitting the sales take a little bit of time to get yourself ready – you won’t be sorry.
Here are a few of my favorite second hand bargains this summer:
  • a new purse for $4
  • 7 practically brand new Victoria Secret bras for $40
  • a used couch set for $120
  • an end table for our living room for $5
Good luck on your next second hand shopping excursion!

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