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A Family Trip to One of my Favorite Places in MI!

Family Picnic: super fun + budget friendly = win!

This week my family went to one of my favorite places in the whole state of Michigan. Can you figure out where we are?

Need a hint?
When you visit this place you get to witness what life was like in the early Americas. A place where devoted history buffs work the land and live life exactly like our ancestors did.
A place where the passionate employees work the land, harvest the crops they grew, raise the animals and preserve their meat to sustain their community. A place where the homes have cellars full of produce, preserves & hanging pork to last them until the next harvest or butchering season.
A place where you can learn about self sustainability and ask as many questions about historic life as your mind can dream up.


Oh yeah…. and witness America’s favorite pastime – good old baseball. (Or in this case, truly historic baseball… aka using the 1867 rule book, old.) These guys didn’t even use gloves. And when the train passed, each and every player took off their hat to wave at the passengers. It truly felt like stepping back in time in the best way possible.
Did you figure out where we went yet? I’ll give you one more hint… this isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last, that I write a post about this favorite place of mine.
Okay…. this week, we went to the Greenfield Village at the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, MI. (I have to give them a huge shout out & thank you for supplying my family with complimentary tickets too!)
I’ve already told you many of the things I love about Greenfield Village – but you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s a description straight out of the horse’s mouth (or the Greenfield Village about page – no difference):

Entering Greenfield Village is like stepping into an 80-acre time machine. It takes you back to the sights, sounds and sensations of America’s past. There are 83 authentic, historic structures, from Noah Webster’s home, where he wrote the first American dictionary, to Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park laboratory, to the courthouse where Abraham Lincoln practiced law. The buildings and the things to see are only the beginning. There’s the fun stuff, too. In Greenfield Village, you can ride in a genuine Model T or “pull” glass with world-class artisans; you can watch 1867 baseball or ride a train with a 19th-century steam engine. It’s a place where you can choose your lunch from an 1850s menu or spend a quiet moment pondering the home and workshop where the Wright brothers invented the airplane. Greenfield Village is a celebration of people — people whose unbridled optimism came to define modern-day America.

For more information about watching historic baseball or planning your own visit to Greenfield Village visit their website. I guarantee you’re in for a wonderful treat!
Last but not least – here are a few insider tips I’ve picked up over my last few visits:
  • For a more budget friendly experience – bring a blanket & pack a picnic. There’s nothing quite like snacking in the shade of one of their many beautiful trees.
  • Plan on spending a little time at the new children’s playground – it’s a great way for the kiddos to burn off steam, plus its as inventive as you would expect from a facility bearing the name Henry Ford.
  • If you plan to purchase food at the village, don’t waste it on silly snacks – instead check out Eagle Tavern for a true 1850’s experience and menu. It costs a little bit extra, but it’s well worth it! (Psst… the sarsparilla is delicious & comes in a family size serving.)
  • Slow down & avoid the congestion of a big group – the staff members here are truly dedicated to keeping the past alive and are a fantastic wealth of knowledge on life in the seventeen & eighteen hundreds. They love questions and will happily sit and discuss them with you for hours. (Just imagine being able to find out the answer to all those nagging questions you experienced in 8th grade social studies – it’s truly amazing.)

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