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Thirty Before 30: Update

Today is the big day – my first day of being 30.

Life is good. My family and friends continue to amaze me and bring me such joy. I have so much to be thankful for. I think it’s important to take time to remember that when the whole world is telling me to focus on the fact that I’m officially “getting old.”

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have any of those depressing thoughts, but you know what… I honestly LOVE my life. I can’t imagine not having the life I have right now and I wouldn’t give it up for anything…. even my 17 year old body. (Although there are moments when I’m at my very lowest as a wife and mommy that the idea is tempting… LOL)

Many of my friends, and lots of great bloggers such as Making It Lovely, have taken part in the 30 Before Thirty challenge, so this year I decided to join in. Last year on my birthday, I posted Thirty things I wanted to do before I turned 30. Here they are, except this time I’ve crossed out all the amazing things I did along the way…

  1. Run in a 5K.
  2. Take a family vacation.
  3. Pay off all debt except student loans & our mortgage. 
  4. Go on a classic American road trip.
  5. Plan a super romantic 5 year anniversary date with my dear husband.
  6. Dance under the stars.
  7. Convert my blog from Blogger to WordPress.
  8. Go urban camping in our back yard 😉
  9. Have family photos taken.
  10. Read 50 books this year.
  11. Treat myself to a day at the spa.
  12. Bike the entire length of our river walk.
  13. Write my husband a love note every month.
  14. Plan a monthly girls date & make my friendships a larger priority in my life.
  15. Increase our household income as part of our debt snowball.
  16. Decide whether or not to have another child. 🙂
  17. Learn to make sushi.
  18. Go on a laser tag date.
  19. Visit the water park as a family.
  20. Attend BloggyCon in September.
  21. Host a BBQ & fire party.
  22. Visit Frankenmuth, MI for Chirstmas.
  23. Go to Mackinac Island and enjoy delicious fudge.
  24. Boost my wardrobe through careful clothing shopping over the course of the next year.
  25. Go on a horseback trail ride.
  26. Enjoy a concert.
  27. Visit a local festival I’ve never been to before.
  28. Continue to grow Wife.Mother.Teacher.
  29. Start tutoring a student face-to-face in addition to online tutoring.
  30. Host a holiday dinner party.
Moral of the story… I didn’t cross off everything. I guess some people would consider that “failing” – but I’m not “some people,” I like to remain positive and find the silver lining in every cloud – so instead… I still have 12 items to complete in my 30th year of life! 🙂 I’m OK with that, because my life doesn’t end at 30, it’s just beginning.
Fingers crossed for a successful 365 days…

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