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Lessons Learned During Crazy Owl Time

June, July & August are summer time here in Michigan – school lets out the first week in June and won’t return until Labor Day. As July approaches we teachers are feeling refreshed and alert – unlike anything we’ve experienced in the last few months. Why you may ask? Because the end of school is what I have decided to lovingly call “The Crazy Owl Time” – it goes something like this…
Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out for Summer” is playing in my head, the natives (a.k.a. our loving students) have gone wild, excuses about missing assignments are at an all time high & my patience has all but disappeared. For almost the entire month of May we teachers feel like we’re solely on coffee & summer dreams. This is “The Crazy Owl Time.”

Life is full of perfect moments for reflection. Summer vacation is one of those moments for teachers. We can reflect on what the previous school year has taught us and our hopes and dreams for the upcoming year, but we can also reflect on what lessons life has taught us while experiencing the crazy end of school year chaos. So here it is – the #1 lesson Crazy Owl Time has taught me…

Don’t Expect Too Much!!!

Let’s be real, not much is happening in any part of your life as the end of the school year approaches. Your classroom feels like a crazy chaotic mess, your house probably is a mess, and your nerves are basically shot. To top it all off the stress and lack of sleep has probably left you feeling, not only frazzled, but not quite your best physically. This time of year I don’t want to set the bar very high. I know that if I expect too much I’ll end up feeling frustrated with myself. Nothing about that sounds fun to me, or motivating for that matter, so instead I just left the bar a little bit low this time of year and tell myself it’s okay for things not to be perfect

And you know what… there are many moments in life we could learn to set the bar a little lower for ourselves and live with a certain amount of grace:

  • Approach to any major holiday
  • Difficult emotional dates for you (such as the loss of a loved one)
  • The week before a vacation or event
  • After the birth of a baby
  • After the death of a loved one
  • While nursing a sick family member
When is YOUR Crazy Owl Time? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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