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7 Things You Can Cut From Your Budget Right Away

Have you ever sat down to work on your family budget only to realize you don’t have enough money to pay for everything your family needs?

That is by far one of the worst feeling I’ve ever had. Looking at a pile of bills and empty cupboards is scary and heartbreaking for anyone. Fortunately there is hope for people willing to take the plunge and cut out unnecessary items from their families monthly budget.

Here are 7 things you can cut out of your budget immediately to save money this month:

Eating Out (of any kind)

No snacks out of the vending machine, no morning latte, no quick bite off the dollar menu… nothing, nada.


You should be cutting out major vacations, but also smaller ones. Even the weekend trip to your family’s cottage will cost extra money than staying home. Make this month the month of stay-cations. Camp in your backyard or living room instead of your favorite state park, experience a new place via the TV or Internet instead of going there, discover the hidden wonders of your hometown, but whatever you do, don’t spend money to take your family away for vacation when you’re in the middle of a financial crisis.

Shopping beyond Necessities

No, you really don’t need a new cami to go with your blouse, or dog treats for your pooch. This month we’re cutting spending anywhere we can. You’ll be amazed at how much money you buy on “little things” that you just “had to buy.”

Name Brand food or stores

So you love Whole Foods, I hear you, but now it’s your turn to hear me. You don’t have the extra money to shop there, so don’t even bother going. This month it’s back to basics. You’re buying off brand, in bulk, generic food from a generic grocery store. Just cutting corners like your brand of macaroni and cheese instead of Kraft can actually save you tens or even hundreds of dollars a month, depending on how many people you feed. (Yes, seriously, check out my post about it.)

Unlimited Driving / Sunday Drives

I love me a Sunday Drive, let me tell you what. But when things are tight and every single penny counts, you want to drive your vehicles as little as possible. That might even mean riding the bike down to the local corner store, instead of picking up the car. Plan your trips together, rather than making multiple trips throughout the week – get all of your errands done while you’re already out and away from the house. Make it your goal for your car not to move from a spot in the driveway for as many days as possible. You might have to get creative, like a carpool or walking, but let’s face it, none of those things will kill you but they will save you money.


100 years ago, your ancestors were entertained by far less than what we have at our disposal today. Turn off the TV, turn off the gadgets, turn off the extra lights all around your house… and go outside! It’s FREE! Go for a walk, take a hike, ride your bike, talk to your loved ones, sketch the great outdoors, you name it… It’s free and won’t waste money from your monthly budget.

Gym Memberships

Looking to get your fitness on? No problem… get outside. Play with your kids, go for a run, ride your bike – there are endless options for free exercise. You don’t need expensive gym membership or equipment in order to stay fit when your budget is tight.

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