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Resources for Busy, Working Moms

Are your ready to accomplish more goals and find success in your budget? If so, these resources might be just the thing you’re looking for. Here’s a list of my favorite resources for busy, working moms looking to live a fuller life. I’ve included a link where applicable (note: some links are affiliate links that compensate me for sales, thank you).



  • – The source for all things Dave Ramsey: online tools, blog articles, his radio show/podcast, books, etc.
  • – A great way to make a free, online budget
  • – In addition to writing wonderful books, Crystal also keeps up a fantastic blog geared towards moms on a budget
  • – A great blog about eating well for less – she has a ton of recipes and delicious looking pictures to keep you motivated in the kitchen


  • Flipped Lifestyle – The perfect podcast for anyone looking to make money online by selling a digital product. Presented by former teachers, a husband and wife team, their podcasts are easy to understand and apply in your life right away
  • Smart Passive Income – A great podcast for all different kids of business models to earn money from home
  • Dave Ramsey’s Radio Show – Check the website to see where you can listen or to download his show as a podcast. I love listening to him answer people’s questions and help them through their financial problems – it helps me create an “inner Dave” dialog in my head for when I face future similar situations


  • Financial Peace University – A 9 week course that you can take on location or from home to help you turn around your financial life. This was, hands down, the biggest turning point in our financial lives and I would recommend this class to anyone. (As an added bonus once you’ve gone through you have a lifetime free pass to attend over and over again if you want to!)

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