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How a Family Bulletin Board Helps Me Organize My Family

Last week I shared my Monthly Cash Flow Planning budget process on YouTube and here as a blog post. Today I’m doing the same thing but with a new topic – I look forward to hearing what you think about the combination of video and blog. 🙂

Part One:
Today we are going to be talking about how I organize my life and make sure that I know what’s going on with my family and when. So we’re going to be talking about this thing in front of you. This is my organizational bulletin board in my kitchen. And unfortunately, I have taken off quite a few things that were like personal items, like I post in the brown area, like phone numbers of the babysitter and some family members and things like that. I just didn’t want to have that on Youtube. So forgive me. Normally there would be a little bit more on here.
So the first thing that you can see is that down at the bottom, I hang things. This is usually coupons, gift cards, receipts that I need for purchases. These are things that are going to be here for a short period of time. Those are always hanging off the bottom. But then I also have a calendar to keep track of the days. I don’t really put very much on it, as you can see. I just kind of have it there so we can keep track and take a look at the dates.
The next thing that I have that is next to it – these are both from the blog and I will put a link below to both of them. They are both free printables. On the left, this is the five-minute meal plan for the modern working mom. And I started to fill it out but then I realized, hey, I should probably film this. So, in a minute, part two is going to be with all of this filled out.
Then, next to that, I have my home management list. These are all the things that I like to get done in our house each week. So this is this week’s. You can see that I started to mark off a few items. But what you might not notice is how this is all shiny. That is because I have a piece of transparent plastic. Like old school – when we were in school – when teachers used it in the overhead projector. It’s just a thin piece of that plastic. So I use a dry erase marker – just a generic dry erase marker. I’ll link that down below. That way, I don’t have to reprint these out every week, which helps save money. So you’ll notice what’s kind of interesting is because I do like to be frugal, I now do my grocery shopping for Friday-Thursday on my meal plan. So you can see that I hand wrote that in over here. That was just me being cheap instead of printing a new form because I do have these on my website for starting any day of the week. So I just filled them in over here with marker. So forgive me, I realize that looks a little crazy.
Then the other thing that I use is actually from Money Saving Mom (link below) – it’s a free cleaning list. It’s a little checklist where you fill out each month when you’ve done different things. I love that. I think it’s fantastic, so I will link that below. But now I’m going to go ahead and finish filling out the meal plan and then I will show you the finished product.
Part Two:
So I finished filling out my meal plan, as you can see. That way throughout the week I can keep track of what day it is, what we’re having to eat, different home management jobs and chores that I need to get done if I have some extra time. This is just kind of our go-to central point. My husband and I both know that if there’s something important, we can put it here. Then life will be nice and organized. So I hope this helps. I hope it was inspirational for you. Remember to check below. You can get all of the links to all of these printables that are free. And I hope that you have a wonderful day! Thanks for watching!

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