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Cut Cable & Try Mohu: Leaf 30 Antenna Giveaway – April 2015

Have you ever considered cutting cable? Has your family already cut the cord, but miss having local stations available? Are you looking for a way to save money but still enjoy the TV choices your family loves & enjoys? If you answered yes to any of these questions than Mohu is right for you!

This April I’m so excited to bring you a fantastic review & giveaway sponsored by Mohu – they provided me with a Leaf 30 antenna to use in my home in exchange for my honest review online, but it gets better… one lucky reader will be receiving their very own Leaf 30 antenna from Mohu – a $39.99 value.

Did you know that the Mohu Leaf is the #1 rated TV antenna in the US? They received that rank for good reason – not only are they American made, but the average family saves $1,200 a year by cutting cable & switching to Mohu (that’s a family vacation you guys!)

Our Experience So Far…

It’s been about a month since our family made the switch to our Leaf antenna instead of cable, and I must admit I’m completely thrilled with the choice!

Installation & set up was extremely simple and quick. The antenna comes ready to use in the mail – you just plug it into your TV and perform a quick channel scan as prompted by your television. Within minutes you’re watching TV. Our set up went extremely well but we did have a weird occurrence the very first night we used it – after watching TV for a few minutes out of nowhere the signal was lost. We ran another channel search and haven’t had another problem since – I have no idea what we did that very first evening, but since we’ve been using the product for over a month and it hasn’t happened again I feel confident saying it must have been a fluke (aka operator error).

Prior to making the switch, most of the TV shows we had been watching were on local channels, so we don’t even feel like we lost anything (for the few shows we enjoy that aren’t on local channels we’ve used Netflix & Hulu to supplement and yet, we’re still saving money every month). When I started looking into an antenna I was hoping for the 5 channels we had locally when I was a kid, but with the Leaf 30 our zip code gets 15 channels, including a few extra from PBS, like PBS Create, that I just love!

But what I’ve liked most is that I no longer have a cable bill coming to my house every month. Imagine how much money you could save in a year by cutting your cable bill & switching to an antenna from Leaf!

The #1 Question People Ask Me Since We Switched…

Here’s the number one most frequently asked question I’ve received since we made the switch from cable to the Mohu Antenna… how does your husband watch sports? Well, I asked Mohu that exact question and here’s what I found out:

A common misconception is that without cable or satellite, you will miss out on all your favorite sports programming. While it’s true the ESPN family of channels and other pay TV channels like Fox Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, and so on carry much of the sports programming, there is still plenty to be enjoyed over ­the air.

Examples include: NFL regular season games (except Monday Night Football, which airs on ESPN and some Thursday Night Football, which are split between NBC and NFL Network), the Super Bowl, Many of the NCAA Basketball March Madness air on CBS, including the championship game, various rounds of major golf and tennis tournaments, such as the US Open (both sports), The Masters (golf), etc. ­ the broadcast networks may not provide 100% of the coverage, but there is still much to be enjoyed.

Plus, folks can supplement their over­ the ­air channels with a subscription to Sling TV for $20/month, which provides ESPN and ESPN2 as well as TBS and TNT (among several other notable channels like HGTV, Food Network, etc.), which carry many basketball games among other sports and content. There’s also the additional Sports Add-on for more sports content.

Did You Know…

96 of the top 100 watched shows are available over ­the ­air, many in full 1080i high-definition? For reference, broadcast over ­the ­air TV signals are often better picture quality than that of the same stations through cable or satellite. Cable and satellite providers compress their video stream, with satellite quality being the most compressed. (I had no idea).

Will It Work Where You Live?

Now that you know how much an antenna from Mohu would fit into your budget & TV watching habits, let’s make sure it works in the area you live. To find out, just type in your zip code on the Mohu website. In seconds, you’ll be able to see how many, and which, channels you could receive with each of their different antennas. You’ll be amazed at just how far away they can pull channels from!

How To Get Your Own Mohu Antenna…

Mohu Antennas can be purchased online for as little as $24.99, but this April one lucky US resident, aged 18+ will be receiving their very own Leaf 30 Antenna from goMohu. To enter just fill out the rafflecopter form below.

Good luck & thank you for stopping by!

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