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Era Organics Cleanser & Moisturizer Review & Giveaway: March 2015

Exciting news… our February Era Organics Moisturizer Giveaway went so well, we’re doing it again PLUS the prize is even better!

Introducing the Era Organics Cleanser 

Remember how much I loved the moisturizer? Well the cleanser is just as amazing! Era Organics Cleanse & Restore is a 100% natural face & body cleanser for all skin types & nearly every skin condition. Check out what Era Organics has to say about their product:

Our Renewing Cleanser is sulfate free and paraben free + enriched with Organic Aloe Vera and Manuka Honey to moisturize, heal, nourish and renew your skin. The unique hypoallergenic formula is perfect for sensitive, dry and damaged skin for men and women of all ages. Perfectly balanced to your skin’s natural 5.5 PH for optimum health and healing without drying out or irritating your skin.
Ideal Skin Cleanser For:
• Dry/Damaged Skin        • Sensitive Skin
• Acne                                • Fine Lines/Wrinkles
• Eczema/Psoriasis          • Irritated Skin
• Dermatitis                      • Rashes (Including Diaper Rash)

In just the two short weeks I’ve been using their cleanser (along with the moisturizer I’ve been using for a month) I’m noticing a major difference in the appearance of blackheads and breakouts, which is amazing since I never really grew out of teenage skin. 🙂

But not only do the products work great, they are great for the whole family. I LOVE that my husband is able to use these products too. It seems like most skin care products are geared towards women, and that’s always a major turnoff for my husband. He doesn’t want to wash his face and smell like perfume. Era Organics products have a light and fresh earthy scent – the cleanser even gives me a hint of leather (although hubs thinks I’m loco, LOL).

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate marketing links that compensate me for sales. I received a complimentary cleanser & moisturizer in exchange for my honest review.


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