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Setting Goals for the New Season: SPRING!

As motivating as the New Year is to accomplish big things, the start of Spring sure does come in a close second. The melting snow & new life everywhere you look is a great reminder that Spring is a time of rejuvenation & change. It’s the perfect time to check in on your 2015 goals and create a specific list just for Spring – Spring Goals!

To get started, I always take a look back at what I’ve accomplished so far….

2015 New Years Resolutions & Goals
  • Commit to a more healthy me in 2015
  • Spend more time building up the relationships in my life with friends & family I still need a little more growth in this year, schedules get busy and it’s really easy to let time slip by without a visit or hello, but I’m working on it.
  • Read at least 12 books (1 per month)  I’m well on my way to finishing this goal!
  • Remember to put myself first a little more often I’m getting much better at not burning the candle at both ends. I’ve been doing a much better job at listening to my body – especially when it comes to bed time!
  • Continue to work towards improving my classroom management
  • Attend at least one motivational professional development conference
  • Work to meet my PGP Goals
  • Continue with the Total Money Makeover Baby Step 2 – we only have $390 left to pay off before the only debt we have remaining is student loan debt
  • Use Swagbucks to earn money towards Christmas 2015 I’m pretty excited about the amount of Swagbucks I’ll have coming in this summer. Our family purchased vacation tickets using a Travelocity link on Swagbucks, so we’re looking about getting about $200 of Amazon gift cards awarded to our account in August. 🙂
  • Increase our family’s bring home pay to gain more traction in our Debt Snowball
  • Attend Dave Ramsey’s FPU class again to increase traction & motivation
  • Continue to blog a minimum of 2 days per week
  • Continue to write content meant to help working moms live a better life
  • Create a editorial calendar with a regular schedule of post types
  • Continue to offer reviews & giveaways of products on my blog for my readers
  • Reach 2,500 followers on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest (Check out our buttons in the side bar!)
  • Reach 500 YouTube subscribers on our new channel
  • Grow our email subscription list to 250 subscribers
  • Continue to seed our back yard to promote a more full, healthy lawn by the fall of 2015
  • Grow fresh produce in our vegetable garden
  • Install a doggy door in our garage
  • Paint our master bathroom
  • Start planning the layout of our basement – we hope to start working towards finishing it over the next two years This winter we received a HUGE surprise from my dad. He showed up at our house with the supplies to get the project going – a job we couldn’t have done this soon without his help – I’m SO grateful!
  • Build a DIY computer desk for our office area (Here’s my inspiration)
  • Install remaining paver stones in our patio area
  • Insulate our garage
  • Install a storm door on our front door
  • Install a magnetic screen on our back door
  • Clean & restore my grandmother’s hope chest
  • Service our lawnmowers for spring/summer
  • Set up the pool table in our basement
  • Install a peep hole in our front door
Our 2015 is off to a great start. We’ve made a lot of progress in many areas of our lives, so now it’s time to look forward at what’s to come. I like to break my annual goals into seasonal chunks, just like when I posted my winter goals in December. But this season brings a new item to consider – hubs and I have made the decision to start trying for baby #2 this summer!!! So that means I have a lot I want to get done before pregnancy starts to slow me down a bit. With that in mind, here’s my Spring 2015 Goals List…
Our Spring Goals
Fun Bucket
  1. Visit my family in KY at least twice
  2. Go on at least two dates with hubs, kid free
  3. Plan at least two dates with my girlfriends
  4. Continue to read a minimum of one book per month
  5. Plant seeds indoors & later start transplanting them outside in my vegetable garden
  6. Enjoy relaxing warm evenings on the front porch watching the sunset (My favorite warm weather spot!)
  7. Plan our summer vacation schedule – we’re traveling to Germany for a friend’s wedding & hoping to spend some time soaking up the sunshine at Lake Michigan
  8. ???
Not-So-Fun Bucket
  1. Re-caulk our bathroom
  2. Finish filing City taxes for 2014
  3. Paint our master bathroom
  4. Plan & budget for new master bathroom towels
  5. Re-caulk our master bathroom
  6. Organize closets, cupboards & drawers throughout the house
  7. Re-caulk our kitchen
  8. Continue working on our basement project with my dad
  9. Start running again (the cold temperatures scared me away this winter & I still need to lose a few pounds from my son so with deciding to have another child I’d love to get rid of those first)
  10. Continue working extra activities to help supplement our debt snowball
  11. Create new study lesson plans & website
  12. Replace or repair our existing lap top computer
  13. Add coat hooks to the wall in our garage
  14. Install garage door opener
  15. Install doggy door in garage
  16. ???
Are you a blogger? Let’s keep each other accountable – link to your Spring Goals in the comments below! Do you have friends that could benefit from a reminder to set some Spring goals? Share this post using the social media buttons on the left!

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