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Cutting Cable: Jumping on the Hulu & Neflix Bandwagon

When I was in junior high my family got cable for the first time. Instead of the 5 channels I had grown up with, we now had hundreds at our fingertips. It was amazing to say the least.

Just a few years later we experienced DVR for the first time, and I was officially hooked. How could I possibly live without endless channels at my fingertips? How could I ever go back to actually watching commercials? How could I ever be expected to be present at the time a show aired live in order to watch it? It seemed like cable or satellite TV (plus DVR) was here to stay and couldn’t possibly be improved…. or so I thought.

Fast forward until two years ago when we started our Total Money Makeover journey. We started making cuts to our budget left and right, but we still couldn’t imagine not having cable. So instead of jumping on Netflix when many of our friends did, we just downsized our cable package.

Until just one week ago, we had gone down to the smallest cable package offered by our provider. We lost most of the channels we had really enjoyed previously, but still clung to the idea that this was a better system then Netflix or an antenna. Then we got to the point that we couldn’t handle it anymore… why were we spending $42 a month on TV, when we didn’t really feel we got that much for it? I mean seriously, that’s over $500 per year, that’s a lot of money we could be using towards our debt snowball after all. The timing couldn’t have been better – Mohu offered us an HDTV antenna to try as a review and giveaway on the blog (coming soon). It would allow us to get 15 local channels that we could easily combine with Netflix & Hulu and still save major money every month. So we took the leap… two weeks ago we canceled our cable TV.

And the truth is… it’s going really well & I couldn’t be happier with our decision!

Would you like to join us? Check out each of these awesome products below:

Mohu HDTV Antenna

A Leaf antenna from GoMohu will save you hundreds of dollars every year. I love this quote on the GoMohu website: “Did you know? 94 of the Top 100 watched shows are available Over-The-Air in stunning 1080p High Definition, and they are absolutely free when you receive them with a Mohu antenna!” Starting at only $25, you can’t go wrong.
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Check out how the Mohu HDTV antenna can help you cut the cable bill and save $1200 every year!


My new favorite for full seasons of the hottest current shows. They also have a full list of movies and kid programs, so that’s nice – but I don’t really get into the movies, I really prefer Hulu for the TV. 🙂

Normally when you sign up you only get 1 week free, but since I’m already a customer, I can offer you my referral link for 2 weeks free (plus I’ll get 2 weeks free – thank you in advance) – after that it’s only $7.99 per month! Enjoy! (Update: A few months later we realized we weren’t watching Hulu anywhere near as much as Netflix, so we canceled Hulu. At this point we’re only using Netflix and the goMohu antenna.)


You know how friends & coworkers always tell you about old shows you just “have to watch?” Netflix is perfect for that! It makes binge watching TV shows minus commercials incredibly easy – plus you can leave off at any moment & pick up where you left off without any hassle at all.

Although Netflix doesn’t have a referral link, they do offer 1 month free to new customers – and then $7.99 per month after that.

Do you save money in your family’s budget by cutting out TV or other forms of entertainment? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate marketing links that compensate me for sales.


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