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5 Ways Meal Planning Saves Us Money

Have you ever wondered what all the excitement about meal planning is about?!

Two short years ago I was the same way. I had often heard people say that meal planning saved their family money, but I just couldn’t wrap my brain around how that worked. It wasn’t until someone explained all the amazing benefits of meal planning that I really started to catch on.

Now it’s my turn to share “the secret” with you!

How Meal Planning Saves Us Money

Our Meals are Planned Based on our Budget

We have $300 every month to spend on our groceries. Since we get paid on a bi-weekly schedule, that means we spend $150 every two weeks on groceries to feed our family of three. It’s not rocket science, I take $150 and divide it by the 14 days that pay period includes – which means I get to spend $10.71 each day to feed my family. If we want to stay on budget, we have to plan what we purchase to fit that.

Saves Me Trips to the Store

Since I plan my meals and shopping list ahead of time, I avoid multiple trips to the store. Honestly, I usually only make one extra trip to the store and that’s to pick up some fresh produce and milk for the second week, but otherwise I only shop once every two weeks. Not only do I save gas money, but I also save a lot of time – bonus!

We Always Have Snacks & On-The-Go Food Stocked Up

No more wasting money on quick convenience food while managing a chaotic schedule. We plan ahead by purchasing & packing snacks. You’d be amazed by how much money that has saved us.

We Always Get the Most Out of our Ingredients

Have you ever wasted half a container of sour cream because you just didn’t have a purpose for it? Meal planning makes that a thing of the past because you can plan multiple meals in a week that use the same ingredients – that way you waste and purchase less.

“What’s For Dinner?” Isn’t Muttered In Our House Anymore

Wondering what’s for dinner is a thing of the past. We always have our meals planned out so there is always food available in the house. (The only down side is that sometimes the meal planned for a particular evening just doesn’t sound good that day, but the positive side is that we have other meals in the house as well, so we can easily substitute one night for another.)

How can meal planning save your family money? If you’re new to meal planning we have a few great resources you might enjoy to get started…Our How to Make a Food Budget and Stick To It mini series has been a huge hit with readers feeling lost by food budgeting and for those ready to dive in, check out our Meal Planning Printable Bundle Pack.

How else can we help you on your meal planning journey? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Will you use the social media buttons on the left to share this article with your friends? We really appreciate the support!

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