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The Pros & Cons of Being A Working Mom

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I’m the type of person that likes to approach life decision by creating a pros & cons list to weigh my options before making a final choice. A side effect of enjoying making pros & cons lists is that you tend to start making them all the time about all kinds of things. This week I’ve been pondering this list, so I decided to share it with you… 9 pros & cons of being a working mom!
Pro: Feeling pretty because you do your hair and makeup every day.
Con: Having to do your hair & makeup everyday.
Pro: Wearing attractive clothing & shoes regularly.
Con: Not being able to spend everyday in sweatshirts & yoga pants.
Pro: Adult conversation. Enough said.
Con: The workplace drama that often comes along with adult conversation.
Pro: Commute time where you can enjoy your own music, podcast, or silent thoughts & day dreams.
Con: Feeling you’re “wasting your life” commuting to work.
Pro: Challenging yourself intellectually.
Con: Feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of work because you’re too busy worrying about what you need to do at home.
Pro: Increasing your family income.
Con: Watching a giant chunk of your income go to covering the cost of daycare.
Pro: Being able to walk away from the craziness at home.
Con: Worrying all day about the craziness you’ll be returning home to.
Pro: Having the opportunity to follow your passions that don’t revolve around your family.
Con: Trying to balance your life passions without feeling like you’re not doing each of them their due justice.
Pro: Feeling involved with the greater community & world.
Con: Spending too many hours a day worrying about other people more than those closest to you.
Can you relate to any of these? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. πŸ™‚

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