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5 Ways to Fight Cabin Fever Without Breaking the Budget

It’s February in Michigan – we’ve had a cold couple of months and the bitter cold isn’t showing signs of letting up soon. Last weekend we experienced some of our coldest temperatures yet with the wind chill reaching -30 degrees Fahrenheit (-34.4 degrees Celcius) in some places. With the cold temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately, it goes probably comes without surprise that we’re experiencing some major cabin fever.

If we were debt free, this might be the time of year to take an extended weekend to some far off beach destination or venture to an indoor water park resort to beat the winter blues, but as it stands we’re not in the financial position to do that, so instead we’re finding local low cost options – here’s a few of our favorites.

5 Ways to Fight Cabin Fever Without Breaking the Budget

Free Kid’s Play Areas

Whether it’s the play place at a local McDonalds or a toy area in a local shopping mall, but most cities offer somewhere that kiddos can play indoors with no cost except perhaps the price of a fountain drink.
Squeeze Every Last use out of Your Family Memberships
Does your family use family memberships to local attractions to save money? We’ve found that a $75 annual membership to a local children’s museum in our local city paid for itself after only 3 visits – that’s a no-brainer. Since we want to get the most bang for our buck, we use our membership frequently, sometimes as often as once a week truth be told. It’s a wonderful place to stretch our legs, enjoy a change of pace and burn some energy.
Play Dates at Friend’s Homes
You don’t have to go somewhere “special” to have a fantastic time and help beat cabin fever. Just plan a visit to a family or friend’s house – the adults get to socialize and the kids can run wild.
Library Story Time
Have you checked out the children’s programming at your local library? Our small town library has a 30 minute toddler story time once a week and our son loves it. (If we were willing to travel to other local towns, we could even enjoy a library story time every day. A great option if you need to get out of the house.)
Community Education or Local Parks & Rec Programs
Although not free, many local community education programs offer low cost activities for all ages of people in a variety of different activities from swimming to gymnastics to arts and crafts.
How do you beat cabin fever without breaking the bank? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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