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What To Do When Your Best Blogging Doesn’t Feel Good Enough

In this crazy, wonderful world of blogging moms that I belong to, it’s easy to feel inferior. It’s simple to look at the success of another blogger, or the amazing new eBook someone else wrote, and see my own personal ‘failures’ looking back at me. In blogging, and in life, there is so much to compare myself to, that I’m destined to always find someone doing it better, faster, bigger.
In those moments it would be easy to throw in the towel and say “who am I kidding, I’m not any good at this, I’ll never be as good as _____ (insert name of huge blogger) so why bother?!”
Yes, it would be easy to give up. But the thing about blogging, is that although it’s not always easy, it’s the struggle that can make it so worth while. In the words of Tsh Oxenreider, “Don’t compare somebody else’s chapter twenty to your chapter one.”
When I first heard this quote on How They Blog Episode #11 while Kat Lee interviewed Tsh (the writer behind The Art of Simple) I was blown away. It felt like Tsh was speaking directly into my heart at that very moment. I realized just how correct Tsh was – I’d been comparing everyone else’s chapter twenty to my chapter one. I felt like I should be reaching more readers, bringing in more income and producing more content over night, just because these other people were.
But here’s the deal – the blogging greats that always come to my mind like Kat Lee, Amy Lynn Andrews, Tsh Oxenreider and Crystal Paine have been doing it for longer than me and have way more experience. But the great news is – even blogging greats had to start from scratch.
So when I’m feeling inferior and negative about myself and my blog I know I need to take a blogging break. A blogging break is a specific time where you close the computer and put every aspect of your blog out of your mind – no checking email, no social media, no reading other people’s blogs & no content brainstorming – to let your mind clear out and your heart become content. One hour, one day, one week… the length of the break is up to you.

My Favorite 6 Ways to Get The Most Out of a Blogging Break

  • Refresh my heart by spending quality time with loved ones
  • Read a book – preferably a piece of fiction that takes me completely away from the world of blogging
  • Journal about my feelings, hopes & dreams
  • Watch a sappy movie and enjoy a good cry
  • Jump start with some exercise
  • Get outside to enjoy nature & breath some fresh air
The last step to conquering the ugly, green jealousy monster, is to be intentional about my writing time when I return to my blog. Instead of immediately diving into social media, answering comments & checking my email, I try to spend a designated amount of time just on writing, without any outside influence. I’ve found that when my mind is clear I often get the most productive writing finished (I think this is the reason many bloggers prefer to wake up early in the morning to write.)
Do you have a favorite way to pick yourself up when you’re feeling down about your blogging abilities? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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