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“Make It Happen” by Lara Casey: A Book Review

Imagine a relaxing afternoon, curled up on the couch watching a wonderful movie, a weekend woman’s conference that fires you up about your life passions & starting to act on your life long dreams (that you’ve always kept a secret). Sound like a great adventure? Make It Happen by Lara Casey is all the above and more, wrapped into one fantastic book.
Lara Casey takes you from her teenage dreams to her real life triumph. Walk along side her as she travels life’s ups & downs and manages to come out on top. Make It Happen is an inspiring story, self help journal & women’s success strategy all in one. It’ll leave you fired up (new word) and ready for action!
My Reactions
Almost immediately after starting to read Make It Happen, I was struck by how much it reminded me of Crystal Paine’s book Say Goodbye To Survival Mode, because both books offer clear & concise actionable steps. (Great for the type A in all of us.)
I love how Lara takes the time to say hi & have you take the time to self reflect before she dives into the meat & potatoes of her message. By asking the reader to stop and complete small tasks along the way, she guides us to the write mental place for her next great message or tip.
Make It Happen weaves your personal story, and Lara’s, into one another as we watch Lara face one major heart break or challenge after another. (Seriously, her mom must have walked under a ladder pregnant with her or something, Lara has really had some crappy things happen in her life.) But somehow, against all odds, Lara’s story is one of inspiration and self discovery.
As the book reaches a close she puts your life back on the main burner – this is where you really feel like you’ve just walked through the door of a inspirational woman’s conference (she does, after all, do public speaking on this very topic). Lara offers a step-by-step guide for working through each and every hurdle or road block you might be experiencing in your life. Can’t figure out how to accomplish everything you need to in a day? She’s got you covered. Can’t find focus or meaning in your daily life? She’s got that. Looking for a way to live with purpose? Yep, she has a plan for that too.
Make It Happen is by far one of the better self help books for women that I’ve read. I would recommend this book for any mom, wife or business owner out there – Lara will have you energized for whatever hurdles you face in just a few short hours. 🙂
Happy Reading!
Make It Happen is available for purchase on Amazon (link below) or most other book retailers. I received my review copy from Book Look.


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