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Valentine’s Day For FREE!

Are you looking for a romantic and fun filled Valentine’s Day that won’t break the bank? You’re in luck! It’s possible to enjoy a fantastic Valentine’s day without spending a dime. Just take your pick of our ideas to get you started.
Hand Picked Flowers
Do you live in a part of the world where flowers are growing this time of year? If so, why not visit your garden or a local park to pick your own bouquet of flowers, without the $40+ price tag.
Gourmet for Two
Do you & your special someone enjoy a culinary challenge? Why not plan a fancy meal to prepare together. You can easily find recipes online for all kinds of food creations you’ve never tried before.
Hand Made Cards
Nothing says nostalgic Valentine’s quite like a “Roses are red” card made by the love of your life. Pull out some paper, coloring tools, scissors & glue and enjoy the creative labor of love.
At Home Movie Marathon
Pick a few of your favorites and enjoy an evening curled up on the couch. Pop some popcorn & make your favorite mixed drink to enjoy from the comfort of your own bedroom or living room.
Homemade Flower Bouquet
The varieties of homemade flower directions available on Pinterest with a quick search of “how to make fake flowers” will seriously amaze you. Sure, your flowers might not come out looking as lovely as the professional DIY’ers of Pinterst, but they’ll still be lovely & last a life time.
Poetry Reading
Take turns reading love stories and poetry to each other while snuggled in front of a roaring fire. A quick visit to your local library or google will award you with thousands of options, or go above and beyond, and write your own.
Watch The Sunset Together
How often do you just sit back & watch the sun go down? In our life, I can count the number of times I’ve done that in recent months on just one hand.
Have A Snuggle Date
Sometimes I miss the days of new love – when you could spend hours holding hands or snuggling on the couch just talking and enjoying each others closeness. Take a step back to those old days and commit to spending the night curled up together on the couch just talking.
Treat Yourselves To In Home Massage
Get out your favorite massage oil, or even lotion, and take turns giving each other massages while listening to soothing music on low in the background.
Dance To The Music 
Make a playlist of special songs from your life together or your wedding day, push back the furniture & dance the night away.
Homemade Desserts
Plan your grocery list the week of Valentine’s Day to include some strawberries & melting chocolate – for just a few dollars you can enjoy, not only the fun experience of making dessert, but also the fantastic flavor.
Candle Light Dinner
Whether you make something special, or just one of your favorites, make the meal extra special. Pull out the fancy table settings you received at your wedding, light a few candles & turn on some light jazz in the back ground.
The Game Of Love
I’ve shared this wonderful DIY bedroom game from East Coast Creative Blog before, but it’s still a hit.
Read Or Write Love Letters
Do you have a collection of love letters you’ve written to one another? If not, why not start the tradition of writing them to each other now? There’s something about handwritten letters in our modern, technology driven era that is truly priceless.
Game Night
A little playful competition can be surprisingly sexy. Pull out a household classic, or try something a little more daring – strip poker anyone?!
In Home Spa
Create a simple mixture of oil & sugar, then take turns giving each other a full body exfoliation in the shower – not only will you be spending quality time together, you’ll also have fantastic, glowing skin after wards.
Draw Each Other
Take turns modeling for one another as you sketch their likeness – clothing optional!
Take A Soak 
Light some candles, turn on the light rock & fill the bathtub with bubble bath for two. Sit back, relax & enjoy a glass of wine together while letting the stress of life melt away.
Create A Scavenger Hunt
Challenge one another to solve a series of clues around your house – you can take turns or play head-to-head where the first person to complete their scavenger hunt gets a special prize.
Take A Nap
I don’t know a single mom in the world that feels like they get enough sleep. It sounds crazy, but I would be thrilled to enjoy an early romantic dinner with my hubby and then head to bed as soon as the little one is put down for the night.
Relax By A Fire
Indoor or outdoor – it doesn’t really matter – there is something hypnotic & magical about the flames in a fire that are made even better by enjoying them with the love of your life.
Share Fantasies
For those feeling adventurous, take turns telling each other romantic stories & fantasies you’d enjoy sharing with them – this steamy activity is sure to be a hit with your special someone.
Go Through Old Photos or Videos
Spend some time flipping through your wedding album or photos from when you first started dating. Nothing makes me feel mushy quite like remembering young love.
Take Turns Sharing Your Dreams For The Future
Sit back & dream while you each take turns sharing some of your dreams for your futures together. What will life be like in 5, 10 or 30 years?
Curl up in front of a window or outside on the deck, depending on your home’s climate, and enjoy the beauty of the heavens above. We rarely take time to slow down and appreciate the beauty around us these days, so take some time to enjoy the beauty of our world together hand-in-hand.
Take A Moonlit Walk
Stroll down your neighborhood streets hand in hand & just enjoy the presence of one another.
When it comes down to it – the magic of Valentine’s Day is the reminder to spend quality time with the one you love. It doesn’t matter the activity you choose or the money you do (or don’t) spend. What matters is the feelings you have for one another & your shared desire to continuously grow as a couple & fall more deeply in love. Happy Valentine’s Day! <3
Are you feeling limited because of little ones at home? Consider trading services with a few friends or family members. Delay your festivities & offer to babysit a group of kids for the night, giving your friends a chance to go out for Valentine’s – in return each friend can babysit for you on an upcoming night & viola… you’ve just earned yourself multiple nights of babysitting for free! (This is a great tip at just about every holiday by the way & a fantastic way to “earn” free babysitting.)
Which one (or more) of these 26 ideas interest you? Do you have other great free Valentine’s date ideas? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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