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Why You Should Get Outside When You’re In A ‘Funk’

A few days ago this post started pouring out of me and I’ve been excited to share it with you ever since. Now that the images are ready to upload it’s time to go live – enjoy!

Today I was in a funk. It’s the Saturday following Thanksgiving and I feel like the last two weeks have been a blur. While driving home from KY, where I visited with family for the holiday, I had pages and pages of ideas rolling out of me (literally).

Then today, I FINALLY get a chance to write, so I sit down in front of the computer, and…. nothing. Nada. No ideas. I couldn’t even write about the ideas I’d scribbled down on my road trip.

All day long while my mental writing block continued I couldn’t get over the feeling that I just needed to get outside. I felt claustrophobic and knew I needed to go for a run. I needed fresh air, but yet I fought it. I should have bundled up my son, put him in the stroller and went for a walk to the neighborhood playground, but instead I pushed against the urge and continued to TRY to write. (Seriously, when will I learn to not question my body?!)

I started running in mid-September and have been doing really well this fall, running 2-5 days each week without fail, that was… until Saturday, November 15 – exactly two weeks prior to today. I ran that Friday & Saturday because I knew a severe cold front was coming in that would keep me indoors for at least a couple of days.

Sure enough the next 3 days were bitter cold & windy. The next day wasn’t quite as cold, and I really should have gone out, but I’d gotten home after 8pm from a packed schedule that evening and instead went to bed. It turns out I really missed my opportunity there, because I spent the next six days so sick, there was no chance of going for a run. Wednesday of this week I finally felt better, but it was the day I left for Kentucky. I packed my running gear and had full intentions of going out at least once while I was there, but between dinner prep Wednesday night and a full day of cooking & hosting Thursday, it never happened. Yesterday was my 13th day not running, and I spent it traveling & unpacking. So here we are at Saturday – exactly two weeks from my last run. It’s amazing how fast that happened. And that’s my point in writing this post.

Don’t fight your instincts. When your body says go outside, go! When your body says its time to go for a run (or walk), run! Don’t fight what your body needs and wants when you know it will help make you feel better.

I just went for my run. My body feels fantastic. Endorphins are streaming through my body. My energy is up. And…. two blog posts came pouring out of me as soon as I returned home. Fresh air, a change of scenery & a little exercise always does the mind (and body) good – so the next time you’re in a funk… hit the great outdoors. You’ll be glad you did!

What’s your favorite ‘funk’ reducing technique? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!
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