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“The Unbreakable Boy” by Scott Michael LeRette, with Susy Flory: A Book Review

The Unbreakable Boy is a biography & autobiography written by Scott LeRette, as he tells the heart bursting story of his son, Austin – Auz for short, and their family experience with autism, alcoholism & finding faith. Scott LeRette’s writing is beautifully done & heart felt.
My Reactions
This book was a fantastic read. Not only did it make me laugh & cry, but it also helped me to gain perspective about life. Auz has so much burden in his life, and yet manages to let it roll off him like rain drops on a slicker.
This is a must read for anyone that knows someone suffering from autism or alcoholism, but also for anyone that needs a great jump start in life. This book provides all of that and more. I can’t wait to pass it along, I know there are a few people in my life that will greatly appreciate and enjoy this book!
The Unbreakable Boy is available for purchase on Amazon (link below) and at most other book retailers. I received my review copy from Book Look.

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