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Looking For A Traditional, Non-Commercialized Christmas Experience? (+ a Giveaway)

Do you ever feel like Christmas has become an overly commercialized event instead of the celebration of the season that it should be? We live in a world that has made the importance of receiving gifts & spending money so much more important than the time spent with the ones we love.

That’s why I’m so thankful for Holiday Nights In Greenfield Village. The good people at The Henry Ford sent me passes for my family to experience the wonder of this event for our very own and then share it with you, and we couldn’t have been happier. Holiday Nights In Greenfield Village is going to be something I look forward to each and every year from now on.

The Greenfield Village has really outdone itself with this event. I’ve told you before about our love of the legacy Henry Ford passed on for all of us to enjoy and we had a fantastic time at the Hallowe’en in Greenfield Village event, but Holiday Nights surpassed even my greatest expectations. It’s really important that you go in expecting a traditional Christmas experience. This isn’t a festival of lights or Frankenmuth worthy Christmas – it’s Christmas at it’s finest – which if you ask me, it is so much better!
Enjoy an evening stroll along lantern lit walkways with your family as you explore historic homes decorated as they would have been throughout yesteryear. Tour Henry Ford’s childhood home, done up in 1876 holiday decor with the most delicious smelling dinner cooking in the kitchen. Visit the Wright Brother’s home, where the Greenfield Village team has worked hard to recreate the Christmas scene to perfectly match an authentic holiday photo from the brother’s family collection.
Discover the history of door-to-door caroling as you encounter not only carolers, but mummers, bringing history alive for the young at heart. (Check out Mummers, Maypoles & Milkmaids on Amazon to find out more about the custom of Mummers, plus many other English traditions.)
Enjoy delicious roasted chestnuts, hand carved beef sandwiches and homemade hot chocolate as you travel to see Santa from his roof top perch. While the reindeer keep watch, Santa greets each and every child by name through an ingenious ear-piece trick – helping to keep the spirit of Santa alive in the hearts of young & old.
Cruise Greenfield Village by horse drawn wagon, model T or carousel – all included in the price of your ticket. (Your horse drawn carriage ride will even include an unforgettable acoustic guitar or musical saw performance.)
Dream of 1897 Christmas present pricing as you peruse the Schwarz Christmas Review showing the cost of many popular gifts of the day. The Hook & Ladder toy (pictured top left) reads “with two horses & gong, 21 inches, cost $1.00.” It’s amazing how much things have changed in just over 100 years, and THAT is a big piece of the magic behind Holiday Nights In Greenfield Village. You’ll be immersed in a way of life long forgotten, reminded of what truly matters this holiday season & create amazing memories that your family will cherish for years to come. 
Tie up the laces on a pair of ice skates while you enjoy a spin on the holiday light lit rink, revel in the simplicity of a vintage black and white silent film telling the story of Scrooge, purchase authentic holiday wreaths and garland from a wagon or your very own lantern and relax by the fire in a quiet corner of the cobble stoned Stony Creek Mill Pond district. The list of things to do & see at Holiday Nights in Greenfield Village is unending – every member of your family will find something for them.
Not only does Greenfield Village have a top notch Christmas event in Holiday Nights, but they have one last extra special thing that other Holiday events throughout the world can’t compete with… top notch historical presenters on staff, that truly bring history to life.
Be brave and get out of your box while visiting Holiday Nights this Christmas season to get the full experience. Don’t just walk through enjoying the sites, but instead dive in and capitalize from these amazingly, passionate people.
Pictured above is one of those amazing presenters. We enjoyed an extremely interesting fireside chat, where he shared some of his favorite memories from working at the Greenfield Village and told us all about some of the amazing features we might have missed otherwise. Before leaving the cozy comfort of the fire, he even serenaded us with a Civil War era tune on his flute.
You’ll find that the historical presenters at the Greenfield Village are ardent as they discuss our country’s rich history and you’ll soon discover that they love to share it with you! Besides seeing my son’s face light up when Santa greeted him by name, our fireside chat was my favorite part of the evening.
Holiday Nights will be open each weekend night until December 27th, don’t miss out, purchase your tickets online today. And last but not least, the Henry Ford has also graciously offered a family four pack of passes to the Henry Ford museum for one lucky reader and their family to enjoy. To enter the giveaway just fill out the rafflecopter form below. (A huge THANK YOU to the staff at the Greenfield Village & Henry Ford Museum for making this review & giveaway possible!)
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