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November 2014 Giveaway: Supper Sleuth Murder Mystery Party Game

This November, Wife.Mother.Teacher. will be giving away one Supper Sleuths Murder Mystery Party Game to one lucky winner compliments of Supper Sleuths.
If you’ve never had the privilege of attending a murder mystery party then you don’t know what you’re missing! If you liked the game of Clue as a kid, then you’ll love Supper Sleuths Murder Mystery Parties as an adult. Join 8-20 of your friends or family for an exciting evening of delicious food & drinks, wonderful memories, and of course… a mystery to solve.
Each one of their dinner games uses hilarious intertwining stories, mystery, riddles, puzzles, and brain-teasers that get you thinking while having fun! The dinner table has always been the most celebrated place to talk, laugh, reconnect, and strengthen relationships. Supper Sleuths Mystery Dinner Party Games bring friends and family together for delicious food, silly costumes, and hilarious conversation to make memories that last a lifetime!
My Review
As a part of this giveaway Supper Sleuth sent me their County Fair murder mystery party game to review. My husbands birthday fell on the first weekend in December this year which gave us the perfect opportunity to try it out.
We invited 20 of our closest friends & family members to attend, but the final number dwindled down to 10 when all was said and done, due to everyone’s busy schedules. I would definitely recommend taking Supper Sleuths advice on not giving the host(s) characters. As luck would have it, one of our attendees had to cancel hours before the event but instead of causing panic, I just picked up her part.
One of my favorite features to the Supper Sleuth game was the fact that the host(s) could play along as well. I assumed that I would know the entire story line ahead of time – and thus would have to pretend I didn’t know who the murderer was all evening long – but it turns out that wasn’t the case. All important pieces of information (secrets & such) are titled with large capital letters warning you not to read on so I was able to quickly fold and seal those pages into envelopes. The only part of the evening the host wasn’t able to take part in were the bonus rounds because as the host, I had the answers to the questions.
I would recommend you make sure everyone can arrive promptly on time. A late arrival by one of our guests really messed up the first half of the story line, so if that is going to happen for you too make sure everyone understands that you will be taking extra time in the appetizers round while you wait for the final guest to arrive.
Would I recommend this product & buy one in the future? Absolutely! We had a fantastic time, lots of laughs & a great birthday celebration for my husband. Great friendships are built on one-of-a-kind memories & experiences and Supper Sleuths Murder Mystery Dinner Parties are sure to do just that!
The Giveaway
Now for the giveaway… one lucky winner will receive the Murder Mystery Game of their choice as a PDF download. Entering the giveaway is easy – just use the Rafflecopter form below.
Good luck!

Update: This Giveaway is now closed – check out the Supper Sleuth website to preview their fantastic line of murder mystery games!

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