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“How To Survive Middle School And Monster Bots” by Ron Bates

I was excited to find this book as a review copy offer on BookLook this fall, because it looked like a great holiday gift for my niece. It turns out I was right – How To Survive Middle School & Monster Bots is an adorable book that I’m excited to share this Holiday season.
How To Survive Middle School & Monster Bots is a great book for 4th-7th grade students – especially those with a love for science & technology. Follow the story of Howard Boward as he battles robots & bullies at Dolley Madison Middle School. Between “monster goo” and an archrival, self named “G-Force”, your 9-11 year old will be giggling with delight.
My Reactions

I love how the author, Ron Bates, so seamlessly created a humorous kids book that not only makes children giggle but teaches them good values at the same time. Teaching your children to be humble, patient & kind to others can be challenging tasks, but Ron addresses them head on without preaching to his audience. We feel for Howard as he endures bullying and embarrassment – but we also celebrate with him as he experiences success and we watch his confidence blossom. How To Survive Middle School & Monster Bots is sure to be a delight with your children this winter!

How To Survive Middle School & Monster Bots is available on Amazon or can be ordered from your local book store:

I received a complimentary review copy of this book from BookLook, but all opinions expressed are my own.
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