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“A Dream Of Home” by Amy Clipston: A Book Review

Here’s something you don’t know about me – I’m obsessed with the Amish, and have been since long before they became a media sensation. My poor parents knew their child was weird when I requested drives past Amish communities on back country roads rather than the fast highway route while on family vacations. Twenty years have gone by, but not much has changed. My husband has been warned that I fully intend to visit Lancaster, PA and stay at an Amish run Bed & Breakfast at least once in our lives. Similarly a day traveling by horse and carriage around Mackinac Island would make me a very happy lady.
All of that being said, you probably won’t be surprised to hear I’ve read just about every Amish nonfiction and fiction book I can get my hands on, so when BookLook had a new Amish fiction selection to review, I couldn’t sign up fast enough.
A Dream of Home arrived at my house just in time, I had literally just finished reading Money Secrets Of The Amish (which hit the trifecta of Amish, Frugal Living & plain old ‘good book’. I would highly recommend it – check it out on Amazon).
Book Summary
A Dream Of Home tells the story of Madeleine, a former flight nurse in the military who finds herself living in her deceased grandparents home in Amish country after many years away. Her experiences in the military have left her feeling lost and unconnected from her faith. We travel with Madeleine as she seeks out peace living amongst the Amish after the loss of her fiance.
My Reactions
I was surprised to open the book and immediately find a series of family trees to help me connect with the characters, but within just two short chapters I realized why. My one and only complaint with this book was the large amount of characters introduced in a short amount of time, BUT since this is the third book in a series (and I haven’t read books one and two) this is more than likely not a real issue. 🙂
The great news is that I LOVED this book. I started reading it on Saturday, November 1st, and finished reading it on Saturday, November 1st. Yep… I liked it that much! Amy Clipston’s writing is light and easy – a great read for an evening of relaxation. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series – it’s sure to be just as good!


I’d love to hear from you – what’s your favorite kind of relaxation reading?

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