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Mom To Mom Sales: Black Friday Shopping For Moms On A Budget

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Have you ever heard someone talk about how expensive raising children is? In our experience, the most expensive part of raising children as a family with both parents working out of the home full time is daycare. I imagine the majority of parents would follow that up by diapers, formula and the “stuff required” to raise a child. As a cloth diaper & breast feeding family those first two don’t really apply to my family much. (I’ve shared about the money we save using cloth diapers before – check it out if you’re interested!) Since the cost of daycare is (for the most part) out of our control – we focus on saving our money with the ‘stuff required’ category. The good news is… for frugal moms on a budget, like me, we have a fantastic alternative… buy used! 
Ever since discovering the Duggar Family on TV in college, I’ve admired their quote “buy used and save the difference,” but not until more recently has that quote really hit home. (Check out their first book for more frugal ideas. They were Dave Ramsey ‘weird’ before ‘weird’ was cool!)
We address the “stuff required” to raise children rather frugally.
Is this stuff actually required? In my first 6 months as a mom there were only a handful of items I actually felt I “needed” (you can read my post about them here) – and looking back I’d exchange #5 for a Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play Sleeper – but realistically you don’t “need” much to raise a child.
Thankfully what you do “need” can be purchased second (or third) hand for the most part. There are very few things you “can’t” (or shouldn’t) buy used. That makes garage sales, consignment shops & mom to mom sales the best trick for mom’s on a budget!
Instead of spending $12-$30 on a pair of toddler jeans – I spend between $1-$3 per pair. Over time that really adds up to a lot of savings. 
Not convinced yet? Check out my major haul from a local mom to mom sale this weekend:

My son is all set for the Michigan winter ahead of us. I was able to purchase six pair of jeans, three pair of pants, two pair of shorts, seven footed pajamas, seven sweatshirts/sweaters, five shirts, a jacket, a winter coat and snow boots from local mamas. But that’s not it…
Christmas is covered too! I got 4 puzzles, a sequencing game, a Thomas book, a race car with gas station and a Bob The Builder floor puzzle with stickers. These will be wonderful under the Christmas tree this year.

(Side note here… we don’t see the need to shower our son with tons and tons of presents this holiday season. We don’t want to raise an entitled child, but more than that we already know he’ll receive presents from many family members. As an added side benefit this helps with over cluttering around our house and living more simply overall.)
Last but not least, there was a little money left over to buy a few adorable items for our niece’s birthday party. (Please excuse the disgusting beautiful maize and blue headband – her daddy likes that terrible wonderful team so I had to appease both parents with our gift giving. Lets hope she gets her smarts from her mommy both of her sports loving parents! LOL)

Ready for the grand total? All of this – all 44 items – for only $93! That’s an average of $2.11 per item – sure beats the price tag for the same item at the Children’s Place or Target. 🙂
Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate marketing links that compensate me for sales.

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