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‘Lean On Me’ by Anne Marie Miller: Book Review

This October, I am pleased to bring you my review of Lean On Me by Anne Marie Miller that I received as a complimentary review copy from BookLook Bloggers.
Book Summary
Lean On Me by Anne Marie Miller is probably the most hope inspiring book I’ve ever read. I was incredibly moved by Anne’s story as she walked us through her tragic divorce and the road to recovery that followed. Anne show’s us the power of community and how it can truly help a person succeed, even on their darkest days.
My Reactions
As I read the book, I found I could really relate to the topics of vulnerability and commitment in relationships that have plagued her. She asks powerful questions that made me reevaluate the relationships I have in my life. Am I committed AND vulnerable? How does that impact my relationships?
In case I needed any more of a reason to love this book – Anne started talking about our ability to surrender. (In case you didn’t read it, my ability to surrender has been a major marriage topic for me this year.) So many relationships in our life could be improved if we would be willing to take a step back and surrender – allowing someone else to take control of our life.
I would recommend this book to anyone that has experienced a ‘low moment’ in life. This could be anything from a difficult divorce, like what Anne faced, or just a tough week in your classroom. Her message is clear no matter what problem you’re facing – life will get better & you will become stronger through quality community.
Where To Find Lean On Me
Can’t wait to check it out? Find Lean On Me at your local library or online at Amazon. You’ll be so glad you did!

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