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‘Let’s All Be Brave’ by Annie F. Downs: Book Review

Let’s All Be Brave is a book meant to inspire us out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary Through the use of story telling, Annie F. Downs empowers you to be brave in every area of life. Told from the perspective of a young woman who shy’s away from 
My Reaction
When this complimentary copy of Let’s All Be Brave came across my email inbox from Book Look it sounded great. I was excited to start my school year off with an inspiring story to set the stage for a great school year. Unfortunately, that was not what I was left with. I’m really struggling with writing this review because I’m honestly very easy to please in general, but I found the book to just be a collection of stories that made Annie already sound brave. I wasn’t inspired to be brave, instead I was feeling less brave than I had when I started reading. Annie tells us about how she is not brave, but yet page after page we watch her make very brave decisions, which leaves me wondering just now “not brave” she would find me? 
Annie has many great ideas and pieces of advice to share. A few stories made me chuckle or feel down right envious, so the book was not a complete loss, it just wasn’t the inspirational book I was expecting. 

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Have you been disappointed by a book lately? Or, have you read this book and came out with a different reaction? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.
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